Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Orbx get's airborne again!

FSX/P3D. That's right! Another aircraft incoming from Orbx. But it's not the only aircraft they are working on. This time it's the Vans RV-4 20. Now the last time we saw a Vans aircraft, it was the RV-7 from Baytower Studios and I love that aircraft addon to death! So it's very nice to see some new birds fly out of the Orbx hangar!

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Adi Sahar said...

If I'm honest, it's looking kinda low-res (polygon wise). I mean, you look at Carenado HD aircraft and it just doesn't compare once you go with the hd models.

Chris Strobel said...

Well as long as they nail the VC I'm in. We need more quality LSA in FSX/P3D imho

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