Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Digital Aviation CRJ: First beta shots!

FSX. It's almost here folks! This has been... what... 5 years in the making. I can't remember when thing started but i'll tell you this. Based on what I am hearing behind closed doors, the aircraft is amazing. But not only that, I am also hearing that ths systems are second to none and as such, it's right on par with the systems you would find in any current PMDG jet. So as it's finally in beta here are the first published on the iFlySimX forums. And yes, that it Taxi2Gate MMMX in beta too! 2 great products incoming!

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Route Clearance said...

I've been waiting on this bird from Aerosoft forever. Nice to see it's in the final stages.

Peter Hobbs said...

this is a must buy for me ,a high quality CRJ with a built in P3d installer ,and it looks terrific to and as far as I understand realistic system,s ,Aerosoft seem to be on a roll at this moment ,airbus ex ,twin otter all winner,s in my humble book

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