Saturday, September 28, 2013

ADX FirstLook: Taxi2Gate Mexico City!

P3D. Realizing I had no choice, I finished the bottle of Corona beer and buckled my safety belt. The flight attendant had finally returned and asked the two idiots who had just ambushed me by way of bribing the pilots to return to their seats. As we began to descend into Mexico City, I started to see the outskirts of the city come into view. There must have been thousands of buildings down there. I just could not believe how many hand placed autogen buildings filled my field of view and the further we pushed into the city the more the buildings appeared stretching for miles in every direction. Could this be the biggest scenery ever created for FS? Come with me as we explore Taxi2Gate Mexico city in this latest edition of ADX Firstlook! Bandwidth Warning! Over 70 shots inside!

This is the next big team in flight simulation. Let these shots tell you why.

All those buildings!

So the question is: What exactly do we have here? Essentially what T2G have done is made themselves clear, they want to be taken as seriously as as the elite of FS developers. The airport itself is full of detail and the texture work is superb. Is it prefect? Well, it's extremely close. In fact, I say it is. Which leaves me to nitpick. 

Many of the downtown buildings do have landable helipads but some do not so expect some Russian Roulette in this area. I would have also liked to see some elevated street lights at night. Besides this, there are some minor elevation issues in P3D as the airport is designed for FSX and thus required me to use the FS Estonia tool. If you wish to use the product in P3D, you will need the tool as well.

Another thing I really liked was how the autogen was placed. Careful attention to detail was obvious in placing the autogen leaving all roads and streets visible. There is nothing random about the autogen placement as I have seen in some FTX sceneries as 1 example.

Another thing is, the autogen expands so far, even over the hills on the outskirts of the city where the airport is not in view you still find hundreds of autogen buildings. Many developers would not bother to expand that far.

If you are concerned about frames, you need not be. The team did an amazing job ensuring this scenery would be easy on frames. It is at least as good as FlyTampa Dubai if not better.

Speaking of which, FT Dubai is indeed the largest scenery ever created for FS with their own Hong Kong in second. Has Taxi2Gate surpassed FT in this regard? Well, Dubai does have far more custom accurate skyscrapers but I'll let you be the judge.

Mexico City is a fantistic product and it comes at a very reasonable price. It's high time all FS enthusiasts take T2G in very high regard and when you approach MMMX, you will clearly know why.

Happy Flighting!
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Unknown said...

Great review as always and much appreciated. Does anyone know if this scenery has any DX10 issues?

Unknown said...

Like this airport but developers could further enhance all kind of lights and adjust LOC course to real world data.

Unknown said...

The most important thing missing with this scenery is a dedicated control panel. I have no problem running this scenery on my system with a very dense or extremely dense setting, but if I fly into LAX with such a setting I'm bound to get OOMs.

This is where a scenery control panel / configuration app would be very useful, one that would allow us to set MMMX specific autogen density separately, as this scenery doesn't look nearly as good with normal autogen density as it does with an extremely dense setting.

Taxi2Gate have been extremely lazy to not include a control panel app. Their scenery is priced much higher than LHSimulations LHBP, but fails to deliver in quality and function.

Please TAxi2Gate, if you read this, please could you release a control app for separate autogen settings for this scenery?

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