Saturday, September 28, 2013

Duke V2.0 exclusive shots!

FSX/P3D. RealAir is closing in on release for the Duke B60 V.2 and my good friend Jerome has gladly provided some exclusive shots from the beta. The V2 visual improvements over the current version are very clear and provide some very good looking interiors. I also like the various interior+livery options. Still not happy the turbine isn't included in the update but the quality is very good nonetheless. release imminent!

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Unknown said...

Great shots.
Can you tell me what airport addons are in pictures 13 and 18 ?

Thanks a lot

Unknown said...

Is this just an update of the visual apperiance or are there other features included?

alehead said...

Good to see this one is nearing completion. Improvements to an already great aircraft!
I would like to know what the airport is in the first shots... I can see the second larger airport is Vancouver (FSDT?)

Unknown said...

All I can say is WOW!

Jerome Zimmermann said...

Hi Josh,

Thanks! Yes, this would be Vancouver (CYVR) airport from FS Dreamteam.

Best regards,


Jerome Zimmermann said...

Hi Daniel,

Everything has been updated:

Flight modeling
Exterior model

RealAir have also added amazing camera and vibration animations, so when you start the engines for example, you not only hear the rumble, but also visually notice the vibrations.

Also included are custom propeller animations and a whole bunch of custom sounds and animations.

Some more examples:

When you bank with a moderate to strong yoke input, you will hear a wings "slicing through the air" sound. Pulling back the yoke at a reasonable high speed will let you hear the airstream against the leading edge and fuselage at high AOA. If you yaw the Duke with rudder only you will hear a whooshing sound of the airstream against the asymmetrical angle of the fuselage.

RealAir Simulations have calibrated all of these sounds to react exactly in terms of speed, angle of attack, and angle of asymmetricality.

What they have done with V2 is absolutely amazing!

Jerome Zimmermann said...

The airport in the first shots is EGNS from Earth Simulation's Isle of Man scenery.

Pedro said...

Awesome pictures of the plane. This might of been my all time GA favorite airplane in FSX. I thank you Realair for doing an effort of updating this great plane. I know most of us simmers fly the turbine more often, but this piston version deserves an update has would the turbine version would. I also would like to thank you for taking your time coming to ADX to answer or questions Jerome.

Unknown said...

I really like those pics! It's amazing how some developers just have all the right stuff to make an aircraft truly great. The RealAir Duke is also my favourite GA plane and I also hope that this update will spark enough interest to merit the turbine model receiving a similar new version from the developers.

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