Saturday, September 14, 2013

JustFlight DC-8. Update!

FSX/P3D. That's right mate, JF is back with an update of the DC-8! It looks great, fly's straight, and is top rate. And soon we will have a release date! Okay enough of that rhyming. Here are the latest shots of JustFlight's DC-8 project. But I really want the CFM upgraded variant. I will surely provide a FirstLook when it arrives. The VC looks not bad... check it out.

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x-wind said...

VC looks great - I'd love to fly a full procedural sim of this retro bird - In fact, even a partial will do - I'm hoping its not another just flight tease like the L1011 - it looked so promising....but it wasn't.

Unknown said...

I see the topic states FSX/P3D. The product page states for FSX with no mention of P3D.

I only state this because I purchased the BAE146 made for JustFlight which they did publicly state was for FSX & P3D, but when problems surfaced with the P3D installation they dropped the P3D compatibility from their site leaving P3D users with a broken product never to be fixed.

I just feel that given this BAE146 fiasco with P3D and JustFlight you may be overreaching or misinforming P3D only users that this aircraft WILL be P3D compatible and WILL be supported should issues arise on the P3D platform. I feel with JustFlight, this will not be the case.

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