Saturday, September 14, 2013

Canberra CityScape update!

FSX/P3D. Here are a few shots from the latest round of previews directly from Iain. Release can't be too far off now. Maurizio Giorgi has done a very stand up job putting this little piece of artwork together. If all his works look this good, i'll be looking forward to more cities from this developer. Have a look!
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Unknown said...

Some other Orbx related news is that they are about to receive a letter from Microsoft's legal department.

Apparently Orbx have broken the rules by modifying and manipulating FSX textures and files with FTX Global. According to information I have heard from someone I know at Microsoft, modifying or moving core texture assets in FSX is illegal by third-party developers.

x-wind said...

I can't wait to fly my Canberra to Canberra....(yeah....I said it).

Unknown said...

Interesting to see how John Venema of Orbx is threatening FTX Global users with legal action if they make any modifications to Orbx files, when in fact Microsoft has ownership of the files that Orbx modifies:

It does indeed some to be a case of severe double standards.

While the above shots look lovely, it seems a total waste of resources that would have been better spent on creating a brand new Singapore airport or Sydney cityscape or new Portland cityscape with new Portland airport or a Darwin airport or a Bankstown airport or a Darwin airport.

While I own the Canberra airport I have maybe flown in and out of there three times. It's an uninteresting area for simmers unless you happen to live there.

DAndre Newman said...

Ok guys, lets not stray too far off topic here.

Kevin Firth said...

Indeed D'Andre, armchair lawyering has no place here. IF, OrbX have a problem it theirs and theirs alone, let us worry about our aircraft, scenery and performance :p

DAndre Newman said...

Well said Kevin.

Unknown said...

have you got a link to such a claim??

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