Saturday, September 7, 2013

Bodo is Nomo...

FSX/P3D. That's correct. Bodo Scenery is no more. According to Tore Stranden, the group "Bodo Scenery for FSX" has been renamed to "Stranden Scenery Design". So what does this mean about that amazing Bodo scenery that was in development? We'll, Tore says that Bodo Scenery is on hold until further notice. Currently Tore is well under way on his upcoming Narvik scenery, but I am really concerned about Bodo. Why was another project started before Bodo getting completed. Now I fear it may not come to fruition after all. And I really wanted this. So whereas I am happy about his upcoming work, I  just cant help feeling disappointed. 

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Kai Prout said...

NEWS: I have recently become an Orbx Developer, and therefore I consider to release the Bodø Scenery through Orbx, as they have the tools, libraries and expertise needed to get it done. Nothing is certain yet, but I can say that there will be no public beta or release date. Sorry to those who have been waiting for the beta.


DAndre Newman said...

Yes I did see that. I'm just bummed it's on hold. Been waiting on this one for a long time now...

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