Saturday, September 7, 2013

ADX FirstLook: Orbx Southampton!

P3D. Here comes yet another amazing job from developer Lars. But I really can't give him all the credit here can I? Orbx Southampton was indeed a duo team effort and as such I really need to tip credit to Martin as well. Southampton was a very good choice for a UK destination. It just screams Q-400, it screams, Avro! heck, this airport will even accept your NGX if you insist. If I could say this product is perfect, I would say it with a huge smile. Actually... damn. I think I just did didn't I? Come find out why Southampton is so good and why you will buy it the moment you are done reading this. Let's go!

Now I really mean what I said. This little airport is perfect in so many ways and the attention to detail is amazing. In the parking lots, the tarmac texture,s and colors are spot on. The cars drive at a slow and careful pace as if looking for a free spot. People with their luggage returning from their flights walking to their cars. The environmental immersion here was all orchestrated perfectly! 

One of the features i love best are the ramp textures. Look at those bricks. Did these guys lay these by hand one by one? because it looks as if they did!

People boarding some of the best static aircraft renders I have ever seen.

Nothing was left out of this scenery. We'll maybe my MJC-Q400.

The night lighting is terrific!

One thing I felt about this scenery is how well the developers created in a way that actually makes you feel as if you are actually there. There is much activity going on, with all the animations and even though you may not be looking directly as the activity, the fact that it's so obviously going on around you makes a big difference. You almost seem to forget where you really are. And if a developer can successfully pull that off, then they are a truly deserve their credit. Well done guys. I am impressed.
This firstlook does this scenery absolutely no justice at all. Because even though it's a small scenery, the only way to get any point across would for you to actually experience it for yourself. Orbx is back releasing airports in the UK and I am glad! Maybe those grass strips didn't sell too well, but airports like Southampton here will surely sell well. And with developers like Lars and Martin at the helm, you just can't go wrong! This scenery although small is packed with features and there is just something about it that's fun to fly into. Today alone I piloted the MJC-Q400 and QW Avro into EGHI from ES Isle of Man and back and had a ball!

You will surely be impressed with this one. Trust me! Also, the control panel comes with many features to enable and disable to your hearts content. People who are train sim fans might get a kick out of adding the heavy train traffic and watching them come and go.

Grab your copy today and get cracking! What are you waiting for?


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Anders Halstæd said...

The airport is a work of art and very well done. What I sorely miss is DX10 support, particularly as the region is prone to OOMs with London not too far away on approaching from the north.

There is also an issue with a street lamp sticking out from among the RWY 20 approach lights at night.

Why oh why are some developers able to offer their airports with full DX10 support, such as FS Dreamteam and others just can't get it right.

Dave W said...

This is a beautiful airport - I agree. I live within 10 miles of it.

I need to check further but I think there is a new multi-storey car park they have missed off! I was on the top of it the other week photographing the E190's and Dash 8's...

I find it quite hard on frames and had to remove bufferpools=0 from my .cfg as I was getting graphics spikes. This is no fault of the scenery, just a limitation of my system (GTX280 1GB)

Thanks for allowing comments back BTW and keep up the great work!!

Dave W

PatrickM said...

Do we have to buy any regional scenery (such as ORBX England)?

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