Wednesday, September 18, 2013

AOA 777 training released!

[FS Utilities] Wake up PMDG Trip7 pilots! Time to get to work. Your complete training guide for your aircraft has arrived from Angle of Attack. Many features are covered such as aircraft lighting, fire protection, primary flight controls, APU operation, fuel and electrictail systems, and much, much more! There is well over 8 hours of information in this version and it should keep you busy for a while getting to know your aircraft. Get it today!

Safety Systems
Aircraft Lighting – Length: 14:47
Caution and Warning – Length: 19:30
Terrain and Traffic – Length: 17:47
Fire Protection – Length: 40:48
Ice and Rain Protection – Length: 30:05

Controls Systems

Hydraulics – Length: 35:40
Primary Flight Controls – Length: 37:18
High Lift Controls – Length: 29:38
Landing Gear and Brakes – Length: 25:19

Engine Systems

GE90 115B Engines – Length: 38:34
APU – Length: 35:25

Air Systems

Air Conditioning and Pressurization – Length: 30:24
Bleed Air – Length: 25:53

Fuel & Electrical Systems

Fuel – Length: 23:31
Electrical – Length: 42:10

Autoflight Systems

Autoflight and FMS – Length: 48:09
Cockpit Instruments – Length: 27:31

Total Length= 8 Hours 42 Minutes

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x-wind said...

I've subscribed to several of AOA's lessons - Chris is an excellent instructor and the course (for lack of a better word) is fantastically detailed albeit easy to follow. It's chock full of information and a worthwhile investment for the serious simmer who is looking for a pilots education.

Ypaul123 said...

how detailed is it ?

T.J. Streak said...

This should come with a consumer fraud alert. Many people have purchased past packages with the promise that they would be able to download videos whenever they wanted for free. Now AoA has unilaterally changed the terms of these sales and is charging for downloads. In some cases they changed the terms literally within days of selling a package. This is out and out fraud.

If you purchase this, be warned.

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