Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Aerosoft/DA CRJ: P3D approved!

P3D. One thing is certain: Lockheed Martin's Prepar3D is growing in popularity. The main issue keeping many simmers back is the lack of advanced aircraft available. To date, the majority of all sceneries work with the platform as well as many aircraft including the Aerosoft Airbus, NGX* and some CaptainSim* models via the FS Estonia tool. The good thing is, according to Mathijs Kok, the Aerosoft/Digital Aviation CRJ will be fully compatible with P3D and this is good news to me! It's nice to see more developers officially getting onboard with the platform!
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Toaster said...

The funny thing is:

the EULA of the Airbus Extended clearly states that it's only to be used for entertainment.

The P3D licenses clearly denies such use.

So Aerosoft sells it with a P3D installer but doesn't allow it's use with accordance of the P3D licence agreement.

Go figure...

Todd said...

Oh, good grief. Where have you been in last 2 years, CAT3? You FSX guys make me laugh. You just can't accept the fact that FSX is dying a slow death, thanks to P3D. You guys spend all your time trashing the remaining FS9 users for using an old sim, and now can't accept the fact the shoe is now sliding onto the other foot.

Here's some additional info to piss you off even further. According to MK, CEO of Aerosoft, the CRJ is actually being developed within P3D, like the rest of the aircraft Aerosoft is producing here on out. MK is also very open about the fact that Lockheed-Martin has approached Aerosoft about producing more add-ons for P3D. If the EULA was such a big deal, do you really think Lockheed-Martin and its legal team would allow a company to produce a CRJ700 (or any aircraft for that matter) using P3D?

Nice try. Now go back to your FSX and your PMDG aircraft and continue flying through all your stutters and OOMs. I'll continue enjoying smooth flights in my Academically Licensed P3D, with all sliders set to the right. That's all I have to say about this.


Unknown said...

EULA? Who needs a stinking EULA? We do what suits us.

Unknown said...

And you're probably flying your PMDG 777 in FSX right now Todd like many of us, as it won't work in your beloved Prepar3D ;-)

Mathijs Kok is not the CEO of Aerosoft, Winfried Diekmann is the CEO!

T.J. Streak said...

I think Lockheed Martin has a very different definition of entertainment software than most of us have. I think they are trying to make a very different customer happy. Just see one of their own promotional videos:

Keep in mind that their slogan is: "We Never Forget Who We Are Working For." And who are they working for? The United States Military.

I suspect the military view Prepar3d not only as a training tool, but more importantly as a recruitment tool. Get the kids to play the simulator, so when they grow up they want to fly the real thing.

I really don't think LM wants to be in the video game business. I do think they want to promote aviation, help with military recruitment, and promote the latest technology for defense contracts.

Unknown said...

Todd, are you on your period?

FSX / P3D...who cares..chill

Fabo said...

It's funny how some developers suddenly do not care about the laws and contracts so much, when breaking them brings them money instead of loses them money...

Airspeed said...

If Aerosoft chooses this path, then this is their decision. Like it or not, the choice is theirs. Buy it, don't buy it, at least we have options.
Splitting hairs about the P3D EULA. Whatever dude.

Todd said...

Guys, I apologize for my emotionally charged response. My comments/rection to CAT3's remarks do nothing but create negative emotions from those on both sides of the discussion. D'Andre is doing everything he can to prevent this site from becoming another AVSIM, and I certainly did nothing to help that. While I strongly support P3D and Aerosoft's CRJ project, there are better ways to show my support.

Unknown said...

Todd, you fed the TROLL.

Unknown said...

This will be a 100% for sure purchase. Looking forward to its release. Thanks Aerosoft!

Jens said...

New screenshots:

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