Thursday, September 12, 2013

ADX FirstLook: Aerosoft Varanasi!

P3D. Wow! A lot of releases lately! This time I am off to India where I explore the latest release from Aerosoft. Versions available for FS9 and FSX Varanasi offers yet another unique destination in the region. This now brings us to 3 quality payware airports in this country including VIDP from Imagine Sim and Mumbai from Thai Creations. So weather you prefer the long haul flights or domestic, Varanasi should fit just nicely into your travel plans. Sorry this FirstLook is so late, I had issues with the installer. All is working now so let's check it out! 
My first impression right away was the terrain landclass. Although accurate, the colors are a bit hard on the eye.

 The terminal is perfectly modeled and uses photoreal textures in many places.

I really like the rickshaws and cars in the lot. The cars are perfectly rendered for this region. There is also animated prople moving about.

 The ramp vehicles are even nicer and some are animated.

 The ramp textures are crisp and well done.

 Here is the photo terrain vs. FSX Global. You be the judge.

 I respect all the hand placed custom autogen.
 The Ganges river looks really good and is a good sight for reference while approaching the airport.
The nearby train station. The product page says they are animated but all were apparently static here. I didn't see any moving.

 As for the night lighting, it's not bad but there are no support structures. Just floating.
Is this airport perfect? Obviously not. But is it bad? Absolutely not. This is another occasion where I see real true potential in a developer. Sure, there are a number of things that could have been done better. But how much better does it really need to be for it's price? You see, we get so caught up in all the quality features we want in airport sceneries these days, that I think we sometimes forget just how important the mid-range affordable sceneries are to our community. We really need airports like this, we really need developers like this, and it's nice to see these developers filling in the gaps. Besides this, the price point is just right. Easy on frames and easy on your wallet. 

Andras Kozma has done a really decent job here and I really look forward to his next project. Airports in this region are in demand and it's great to see someone step up and fill the gap.

Head over to Aerosoft today and experience the next destination in Asia!

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Happy Flighting!
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mfahey said...

I wasn't aware untill now that this scenery was from Andras Kozma. He is a flight simulator veteran and was very actively releasing top quality scenery for FS5.1, FS95 and FS98 under the Lago brand. I still have his Singapore and Sri Lanka boxed scenery here on my bookshelf. He is produced an amazing (for it's time) New Delhi and Agra as well as European airports.

I can see I will be flying both Varanasi and Queenstown this weekend!

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