Thursday, September 12, 2013

Update from TAG!

FSX. "Hey guys! It's been a while so this is just a little update to clear some things up: Stanly Co is getting closer to being released. Most of the actual 'work' has been done. Right now, it's just trying to put the pieces of the puzzle together and troubleshoot one or two issues. In addition, we are including a bunch of new technologies and features (making a comprehensive list soon!) as we decided to make this airport a testbed since it is freeware. Until we feel that it is a complete product and works the way we want, we won't release it. That being said, we're getting closer! No release date has been planned as of yet. We will be working hard to get it the beta stage by the end of the month."

2) So it's been relatively slow around here lately, eh? We have by no means stopped working on our scenery! This semester is off to a really fast start for me with my professors sparing no efforts in giving me work to do. Unfortunately, school work comes in front of scenery, so yeah...hopefully it'll slack off soon.

3) AirDailyX - The insolent European/American FS news breaker. reported that Glacier Peak Flight Simulations was closing and plans were made for us to receive their Newport News (KPHF) project. This report is accurate. We will give you more information in the days to come.

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Jon Raines said...

Hey, you reported on us reporting on you reporting?! That's so inception! :D -Jon R.

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