Sunday, August 25, 2013

Video: F-14 Tomcat X ACLS!

FSX. So you like autoland huh? We'll how about a hands free autoland on a aircraft carrier on-board the Aerosoft F-14 Tomcat X? The first video published just today depicts the F-14's long range ACLS capabilities. At over 5 minutes out, the system brings the aircraft directly in in a very stable fashion. Check out the video and see for yourself!
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Flying Squirrel said...

That looks like 1990s Microprose Fleet Defender. Again, release this for DCS and it would be way more interesting, FSX is not a combat simulator.

Sundog said...

FSX is a combat simulator if you have the VRS TAC PACK. And, once again, DCS doesn't cover anywhere I want to fly, or have the selection of aircraft I want to fly. Just because someone flies a combat aircraft, that does not necessarily mean they just want to fly it to just engage in combat. You make far too many assumptions about the people who fly combat aircraft in FSX and why they do so.

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