Sunday, August 25, 2013

Sialkot advancing rather nicely!

FSX. Same as with the Adelaide project, the Sialkot project has advanced on to the night lighting as well. But what's also caught my eye is the dense vegetation placed about the airport. A very realistic look indeed! This project had shaped out to be far more advanced and much better looking than I initially expected. Well done. I imagine release in early Sept as well.
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Sid said...

Totally agree. Didn't expect it to look this good...Once the team has finished with Pakistani airports, perhaps they could also consider doing some airports in the bordering countries and regions too, like the part of Punjab in India (e.g. Amritsar and Chandigarh), Afghanistan (e.g. Kabul, Kandahar), the Chinese border region and Kashmir valley. These are awesome areas in the Hindu Kush and Himalayan regions of South Asia and I'd love to have some airports in this zone which nobody else has touched yet. Well done to the team. I had not planned to but think I may get Sialkot if its priced well, after your first look, of course D. Love the dense vegetation in the first shot too. Cheers mate!

evercllear said...

If you are early to your gate you can always go outside and pick some opium poppies. Pictured above we see the main runway. Just watch for goats on takeoff.

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