Saturday, August 17, 2013

Time to say Goodbye..

[Dom's resignation] Dear friends, dear readers. Almost three years after the launch of ADX, I have decided to end my participation. There isn't only one reason but 5...10. I am partly exhausted to look for news everyday and quite disappointed to see all these developers who are not communicating on their work. Clearly not, definitely not the smart thing to do in a challenging market.

I am also dry of new ideas and surprised to see that, despite all our efforts and projects, other FS websites are working better even with less work. When I spend an hour to find a good news, it's disheartening to see another blogs and sites just pick up our news and... win without the hard work. But there are other reasons too. I want to fly. I need more time to fly. All these years, so many products have been released and I cannot even find the time to enjoy them.

It was an honor to work for you and with you. D'Andre is now at the helm, he was already sharing it for a long time with me. He is going to need help. Sure, if AirDailyX is important to you, support him. To all fans of Aviation, and to flight Simulation, safe clouds! Someday our leisure will be recognized!

Dom Mason
August 17th 2013.

Note from D'Andre:

Of course, I am quite saddened to see my partner and friend depart from AirDailyX. Running this job is indeed a great deal of work and requires much time and patience. When Dom decided to retire, this left me with the choice of either shutting down the blog or to solder on.

Ultimately, I have decided to solder on. I love this hobby and I really enjoy serving the community. I may not be a FS product developer, but keeping AirDailyX alive is likely the closest I will ever come to it.

I will likely look for a partner in the future but this will take time. One thing we did not announce was Mark leaving the blog over a month ago. This added a strain. But who knows, maybe one day he will return. It's a lot of work and many of you may not realize that. We have wife's, kids, full time jobs, and other hobbies as well. It's amazing that we have kept it going the way we have for so long.

If it's 1 thing we have striven to do, is live up to our name. Not post news once or twice a week, but every day.

Our success has been been from the support of our advertisers, the development community, and our readers.

So as to our future, as long as you all wish ADX so survive, it will. But please bear with me, for a 1 man show, it's a lot, but ill do my very best.

You have my word!

Our website plans are currently on hold but not canceled. This will obviously take more time.

For the first time ever in our history, I will show you the growth of AirDailyX as a tribute of what Dom created back in October of 2010 and what it has become today thanks to his hard work.
The blog as it appeared over a year ago...

If there are any words any of you may have for Dom who has created this blog and served all of you for nearly 3 years, please feel free to do so here.




adi518 said...

D'Andre, how can I contact you?

Kaman said...

Dom, Merci pour tout !

Prop Stirke said...

Sorry to see you go Dom. I just started becoming a regular user of ADX as it became quickly apparent that it is a one stop shopping location for information. I discovered products here that I knew nothing of, or would not know anything about if it wasn't for the efforts of individuals such as yourself. With all the forums out there and scattered information, some good products would surely have been missed. It's sad to see that developers do not see how difficult it is for consumers to learn of their product and how well ADX fills that need. I agree that it's in their best interest help you folks alone. I like the honest opinions and overall honest candor of the site that you brought. Best wishes to whatever fortunes the future brings you. Your work and effort were appreciated by many.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing information of FS World. We owe you a lot of thanks..With simple click we know tons of new developments about the FS world.

Many Thanks Dom Mason

Kevin Firth said...

Thanks Dom, airdailyx is one of my two 'go-to' sites for FS info and I think it's a great shame you're leaving :p But you've done a sterling job getting it so far and I'm glad ADX will continue... I hope you can be a guest contributor still! K

jp said...

sad to hear that - but I understand and respect your decission

I hope this site continues


Pirx said...

I wish the best luck to Dom. I am happy to read that he want to fly more and that D'andre wants to go on with this site that has become something so homely to us.

Karl said...

You did good Dom. You did good.

iFlysimX said...

Sorry to hear that! D'Andre if there is anything we can do to help let us know!

Chris Strobel said...

Bravo Dom! Thanks for creating the blog and best wishes.D'Andre, yes is there a way to contact you with ideas?

MosesV said...

Thanks Dom for your work providing a service to the flight sim community. I wish you the best in your future endeavors.

cabnz1 said...

Sorry to see you go Dom - You will be missed. All the best :)

Ron Attwood said...

Don't leave us Dom. This is the best FS site on the whole internet.

Leemazz said...

All the best Dom and thanks , I have been a regular from the beginning and enjoy visiting daily

V1Rotate said...

This is worse than news of the Beatles breaking up :(

Anonymous said...

Dom Merci beaucoup pour les années d'apprentissage et experiancing simulateur de vol à travers AirDailyX. Je n'ai eu qu'un seul qui lit le blog, mais à peine ajouté des commentaires puisque l'information a été si bien couverte par vous et votre équipe. Bonne chance dans vos endevors et attendons avec impatience votre retour dans le futur. Jusque là, je vais contuine mon soutien quotidien de AirDaily X.

Luiz Henrique Machado said...

I wish that Dom´s statement become a "word" to FS lovers, beginner or stabilished hardcore user.... there is a skc after a tcu. As a regular visiter, this news is sad, but keep on, mantain HDG, straight the wings and keep on! long live!!!. tks Dom.... wish you back soon!!

Dave Boeing said...

Sad news. Sorry to hear of the enjoyment being taken away from the pleasure of this wonderful hobby. Being a web developer myself and having a full time job, wife and four kids.....and FSX....I GET IT!!! I offer my help from all the way on the other side of the world Down Under. You guys are number one in my opinion. All the best Dom.

Weston Hall said...

sadmto see you go yournhard work is very much appriceated this is the first website i check everyday

automized said...

Where is Mark? Isn't he also a publisher here?

Søren Veje said...

DEEP Respect to Dom and for ALL the work to keep this blog alive and kicking, sad that you have to leave, becuz ADX is more than just a FS blog, good news is that D'Andre will continue - hopefully for a long, loooooong time...keep it flying ;-)

Gypsy Pilot said...

There comes a time in all endeavors when they are no longer fun.
I wish to thank you for creating the first site I go to when I power up my computer.

Xavierp said...

Sadly, I only discovered airdailyX a few months ago. Ever since, i check your blog 4 times a day. Dom, your time and devotion has been very very appreciated.
Thank u so so so much.

Much appreciated

To the reste of the team.
Thank you for this

Ben Cap said...

What happened to Mark?

Good luck Dom

Misha Cajic said...

Dom, I am saddened by this decision and wish it was not so, but all the best in whatever the future brings you. Drop in now and then though :)

JamesDT said...

My morning computer routine: EVERY DAY

1. Check email
2. ADX
3. Facebook
4. Anything else

Thanks for your efforts and best of luck to you.

Kaman said...

I have the feeling its a joke since there was no news recently...

Bruce said...

This website is one big troll-fest

Shane said...

Sorry to see you go Dom.

You guys wanna hire more people? D'andre can't handle it by himself for long.

Please don't make me have to go back to Avshit.

David Nunes said...

As someone new to FSX (started 1 1/2 months ago), yours has been THE site for my scenery information. I don't even bother going to other sites anymore.
I hope the trolls & negies didn't bring you down.
Sad to see you go, but glad that you will be enjoying flying more often.
Please come back (often!) as a guest.
You will be sorely missed.

David Nunes

BruceL said...

Damn it, Dom.. this is not how i wanted to start my week !

I hope you change your mind.

Live Wire said...

Salute! Dom.

peter said...

very sad to hear the news ,like many this was my number 1 for news and my first site to visit daily ,hope you survive this temporary issue ,i wish you all the best ,and thank you for all that hard work on our behalf

Finn Jacobsen said...

I'm really sorry to hear about Your decision, but I fully understand.

In the good old days Avsim was my favorite place to go for news and reviews, but for some time now ADX has become my no 1. place and like some of the others said - the first thing I check each day.

I also like the discussions and the way the community is provoked in various blogposts.

I wish You good fortune and hope to see You back here at some point again.

Thanks for time You have spend here.

Best regards

Finn Jacobsen
(Aerosoft Developer)

Sweet Monkey said...

I truly admired your vision and the time you have dedicated here. Since discovering your site over a year ago, FSX has significantly grown at my desktop with no regrets. Thank yo Sir fr your esteem service. And I wish you very well.

Thank you Sir for considering. I have faith that the legacy will continue.

Peace and airplane grease

Jens said...

Dom, thanks for all! Even if I'm a native german I always gave my preference to ADX instead of looking at german FS sites first. I hope this won't be the beginning of the end as ADX is the most informative FS site of the world (at least for me). Thanks again, Dom, for all the energy you invested in ADX.

sevy_cool said...

Merci ``Thanks`` Dom for your dedication for this website. i am sad but i understand. so now what no more news from ADX

Commander-AUT said...

"[]...and quite disappointed to see all these developers who are not communicating on their work."

Sometimes maybe it's better to remain silent. Communication skills are often poor cousins in flight-simulation business. So lack of communication doesn't generate news for the readers but prevent from evil reputation sometimes. Beside the "one cannot not communicate" theory. ;)

In the brains of sleepy developers the web is still oneway. A plattform for cheap marketing, publishing and fast distribution.

They can try to filter every single thought on their own forums, which results in unhappy customers who make themselve heard elsewhere. And this phenomen, of course we could beeing sarcastic and call it USP, is airdaily's benefit. Not just the news!

All the best, Dom!

Mark H said...

Thanks for your efforts and good luck with your new publication - Side Parting Monthly.

jibhi said...

Goodbye Dom and may the wingflex be with you:D

Greg said...

Thank you for all your work, You and the Team.
For me, this is the best blog for FSX News!

Commander-AUT said...

Sorry, off-centre, my fault:)

Todd said...

Dom, I have a feeling this is not the last we hear from you. Take a year off, get away from it all, fly, and get new ideas that will reignite your passion to come back and rejoin D'Andre. Until then , I will continue coming here for my daily FSX/P3D updates. You guys really do have a great website going here.

D'Andre, keep your head up and keep moving forward. In time, you'll find the right person to work with you. I support you 100%, no matter any differences in opinion we might occasionally have. You, too, are part of the success of this website.


Richárd Dobos said...

Thanks Dom for all your efforts! You two made something big for the FS enthusiasts.

Pierre Fevrier said...

Merci Dom! Bonne chance dans le futur. Thank you as we'll to D'Andre for deciding to keep on going with the blog. I read it everyday and it has become my one-and-only stop for flight sim news. Great job!

Pierre Fevrier said...

Merci Dom! Bonne chance dans le futur. Thank you as we'll to D'Andre for deciding to keep on going with the blog. I read it everyday and it has become my one-and-only stop for flight sim news. Great job!

Nothing to see here said...

Thank you Dom for making AirdailyX THE place for FS news, which I've subscribed through RSS for more than a year now. I knew you wanted to leave once before and thank god you reconsidered your decision then and managed to recruit others like D'Andre to keep the blog alive. Good luck on your future endeavors Dom!

Please recruit some more people and share the workload!

Dave W said...

I for one have purchased many add-ons as a result of viewing ADX as a starting point (Developers take note).

I only discovered ADX in the past year and it is by far the most prolific of the many blogs I follow - well done!

Sorry to hear one of your crew is leaving!

I hope you are able to keep up the good work!

All the best for the future Dom, and happy flying!!

Dave from the UK

Phil S said...

Sorry to see you go Dom. This is a wonderful blog and all the work you and D'Andre put into it is appreciated.


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