Sunday, August 18, 2013

Lionheart Pacer patch!

FSX/P3D. Bill Ortis has created a nice little Mod Kit for the Piper Pacer super pack. This Mod Kit will update the glass and instrumentation glass as well as corrects a seam on the plexi which takes away the seam visibility. The second part of the Mod Kit is an improvement on the gauges textures. They are now made blue-ish and less visible in the 'normal' and 'dirty' modes. The gauges no longer have different colors with dirt and smudges, so they have been made all the same color and texture which look better.
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1 comment:

cfit said...

Happy day indeed. Now if he can just fix the laser beam shooting out of the sun effect on the Fairchild all will be bliss in the Lionheart hanger.

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