Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Southampton: Time for more!

FSX/P3D. Lars. Even his talent is talented. Never before have I seen a developer make his way through the FS ranks so quickly or so stylishly. This guy released his first scenery just over a year ago. A small 20's gas station airstrip and now here we are at Southampton! This guy could mow down UK2000 if he so desired with this now being his second UK airport. This of course is in development for Orbx. Check out the latest!

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AviatorMan said...

Looks to be an excellent addition to ORBX's portfolio of UK airports, and glad to see a mid-size regional airport. Of the add-on airports that I own, I have to say that the quality and realism of ORBX's products exceed most of the other offerings. I hope they continue with other regional airports, e.g., Bristol, Leeds Bradford, Manchester, Birmingham and Cambridge to name a few promising prospects.

Sid said...

As I've said before, I personally think Lars is one of the most talented developers in the industry today...He is no doubt the most exciting scenery designer for me these days and he hasn't even nearly peaked yet. Just love his Skiathos and I do hope he'll continue to do more far-flung 29Palms (a great brand) projects alongside his Orbx work as both are so wonderful and valuable. He's certainly a tropical island specialist so hope we'll get more tropical islands in future. That said, can't wait for Southampton international...as you say DAndre, even his talent's got talent LOL. Like it! My 2 cents. Cheers,

Dave W said...

I too can't wait for this one - I was actually there yesterday on top of the new car park watching the Embraers and Dash 8s take off!

Dave said...

I agree with AviatorMan, mid-size regionals are the way to go - NGX size. Would love to see them do Aberdeen, Inverness, Belfast City, and Jersey to name a few

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