Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Aerosoft Twotter Extended released!

FSX/P3D. Okay floaties check! Rubber duckie... check. Swim trunks... check. Girls in thong bikinis.... no check. Darn! Twin Otter Extended Floater? Check! Aerosoft has released the floats model and I am looking forward to taking this bird for a swim... or flight I suppose... Will there be an ADX FirstLook coming later today? Of course silly goose!

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Aggressorblue said...

To be clear, I don't think this is the "release" of the product, insofar that by Aerosofts admission they aren't done adding content (new models and such). I think this is still a beta of sorts.

This is important to note, because when they do release a version with all final content, the price will go up a bit.

That said, if you're on the fence with this one, here's my advice:




Finn Jacobsen said...

Quote " I think this is still a beta of sorts."

This is simply not true...

The reason we do as we do is that Flightmodel, virtual cockpit and all aircraft systems are done and tested by our "closed" beta team.

What happens is that we finish one version after the other. The main difference being the kind of undercarriage they are fitted with, which doesn´t affect the rest of the modelling or aircraft systems.
The Flight model does vary, but has been tested thoroughly.

Infact most normal customers aren´t very good beta testers. Comments like "The engines won´t start", "I cannot disengage the startlocks" or "The aircraft acts weird in a climbing turn" are simply useless feedbacks not pointing out any exact issues or bugs.

Surely some issues has been found after release and also between the release of the subsequent versions. But everybody who has a little knowledge about software developement will know that it is pretty normal. Which OS, Office tool or PC game did not require a patch, Service Pack, Update or what ever it´s called ?
Offcourse we use customer feedback, but actual beta testing does not stop after release.
Nobody got more at stake than thde developers and publisher if we do not mamange to fix issues within a reasonable time.
Considering that it´s only appr 1½ month since initial release I would call the Twin Otter Extended rather free of bugs.
For instance we released 1.04 with a list of almost 20 bugfixes, enhancements and additions, many not even reported by customers, but found by the beta testers and developers. Only a few hours after release Hotfix002 has been made available.

Had we been waiting and made a full release of all models at once, then I´m sure that an equal number of bugs would have been found.

Just my two Cents...

Finn Jacobsen
(Aerosoft Developer)

Timbo said...

Throughly enjoying the flow of updates Finn, and loving every minute I fly this, it does not get any better than well-made Twinotter!

Tim H

Rick Harms said...

I for one love the way AS has released the twin otter. In my opinion, there are only a select few that can do a step type release, AS is one of them.

As Finn stated, each model has been beta'd before release. Its a win win for both parties as far as I'm concerned. Us users chomping at the bit to fly the new toy are happy. And the devs can bring in the fruits of their labor that they deserve. I couldn't be happier with my purchase of the Twin Otter, service packs are a small DL, and quick and easy to install. Well done fella's.

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