Thursday, August 22, 2013

QualityWings. Here's the deal:

FS9/FSX/P3D. Per my "What's the deal" article regarding the status of QW and related development concerns, Lars from QualityWings has responded in regards to their development statuses and what the current game plan is. I maintain this one of my favorite development teams and whereas I am disappointed that the wait is far longer than I expected for the BAE-146, I do respect the communication and look forward to seeing what the team is able to deliver before the end of 2013.  Here is what Lars had to say:
ADX>>Billboard updated!

"Dear all,

Please be informed that the Stage 3 release of the Ultimate 146 Collection is still heavily being worked on. The BAe146 variants are undergoing beta testing and we're progressing well on our way to finally call it "done".

Sounds, FDE, the exterior model and FSX liveries are done and ready. The Virtual Cockpits (yes, there are two different cockpits) and 2D panels are about 99% done and undergo bugfixing. The GNS-XLS FMC as well as the autopilot systems are also technically finalized and bugs are being worked out.

We understand the impatience of some customers and apologize for the long wait and the few status updates. We even heard rumors about the project being dead, which I find very interesting considering it is already in beta testing. We lived up to our promises in the past and will certainly do so again. Trust us that we want to see it released MUCH more than you guys do. Unfortunately the Flight Sim market does not allow us to go full time in this business and thus real life has to take priority.

I don’t want to give you an exact release date but expect to fly the BAe146 in your sim within the next two months.

During the course of September we will provide you with some more information and previews. I’m sure you’ll really like the final outcome and understand why it wasn’t done over night ;)



Thanks very much for the status update Lars and I wish you and the team the best as you strive to deliver the 146 in the coming months.
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Please do United Express for the 100/200/300 in grey and rainbow :) said...

cool and thank you

FS.Nerd said...


Charlie B said...

Thanks for the update. Really looking forward to running the BAe146 :)

Michael Hartnett said...

I own the RJ series and have done for a long time now. Regardless of people's views on how late service pack 3 is, I personally think the RJ has one of the most graphically beautiful virtual cockpits currently out for fsx. I love everything about it, it's just a pleasure to fly.

People need to learn developers do take time to bring us bug free quality products, they do not owe use anything, and we should bs grateful that such good add ons are produced by such talented people for our joy and pleasure of flying. And if it means waiting longer, I really do not mind. Good job qualitywings, looking forward to the 146 series.

sevy_cool said...

Apparently we find a way to make developers talk. An idea for the next ``what the deal`` the level D 757. a silent project or a dead on.

DAndre Newman said...

I think Level D is dead. The last we saw from them is the last we will ever see.

ALX WNT said...

I'm also the owner of Avro and i can say it's a 'must have' addon for FSX/P3D.

Very good on performance, very good visual quality, but there's no wing flex. But hey, nobody is perfect right ? LOLOLOLOL

DAndre Newman said...

There is wingflex on the Avro ALX.

alehead said...

I think you're right on that count...


peter said...

well this is a surprise,just a little bit longer,but at least they answered ,just a question on Sibwings Antonov An-2 not working in P3d ,has anybody tried to insert a copy of fsx exe into the P3d root file,I have read this on SOH,it fools the add on into believing it is working in FSX just a thought

Bobby Vee said...

Level D is an odd one. The 757 has virtually the same flight deck as the 767. Many of the systems are also the same. Surely a slightly different FDE, new exterior model and bingo - you're in business. It's too late now as they'd need to do the whole thing from scratch to compete with Majestic, PMDG etc.

Aggressorblue said...

Again, the problem many have with them at the moment is the SILENCE around the product, not the time line itself.

If people have given you money for a pre-order of a product, I think it's fair for them to be entitled to the occasional update on the product, especially when the development period drags out so long.

Developers always seem upset when rumors spread of a project being dead. The best way to keep that from happening is engage the community once in a while. I completely understand real life getting in the way of a side business (which this is for many developers, that's just how it is), but there's no excuse at all for a product that's in beta testing and "99%" done, to have more screenshots floating about.

DAndre Newman said...

I have a FirstLook of the Sibwings AN-2 in P3D. It works perfectly in P3D. You need the tool from FS Estonia on Simmarket

Keeper said...

Thanks Dandre Man for your post on this--it's great that lots of dev's check out ADX. Feels like the average joe doesn't always get something back in detail like this from the dev, even on their forum. This makes it easier for everyone to see. Good for us, good for devs, good for ADX!

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