Thursday, August 22, 2013

Alabeo R66 getting ready!

FSX/P3D. We'll blow me down! I... well... I just might say this is likely the best damn looking helicopter I have ever seen in FS. You can't tell me this baby isn't just beautiful. Look at it. Alabeo thus far hasn't ceased to amaze me. I am really looking forward to taking this baby up! My projection for release is early September. Check out these first textured shots of the Alabeo R66 Turbine in production!
ADX>>Billboard updated!

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Rick Harms said...

Not a huge fan of the whirly birds, but if it follows Alabeos trend with their average price point, may have to give it a "Ahem.." whirl!! Pun fully intended.

Pirx said...

Imagination off: Alabeo brings us new planes

Imagination on: Carenado and Alabeo decide to make a premium line of products "Pilot+" which are upgrades of their planes to sell alone as addons. These addons are not cheap but enhance their planes (for exemple: the Tomahawk) to a stunning level in terms of behaviour, systems, sounds and engines.

Alabeo airplanes look so good that deserve push the simulation to its limits.

And it must be said that I am a usual Alabeo customer.

adi518 said...

first ever properly selected and made chopper for fsx and no not enough comments... same on avsim thread I made y-day. :\

adi518 said...

*btw* check out their website.. it features the same wip shots but in maximum quality, which is far more impressive than these compressed-looking previews.

I wish they step out of their usual habit and offer more than 6 liveries. The problem with Alabeo (& Carenado) is that they never release psd paint-kits.. probably to avoid the competition "stealing" their techniques. It has of course, a negative effect, because customers can't properly make their own designs (the white texture isn't for novice) and as a result, there are barely any Alabeo repaints out there. :(

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