Friday, August 16, 2013

OryxSim! Well well!

FS9/FSX. OryxSim might have been the next developer under my next knife in terms of developers we have not heard from in a while. They guys preempted me with today's latest shot of their Toronto project! This team is independent and as such, they are really putting forth a great effort. Here is the latest shot!
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Anonymous said...

Has FT Toronto been officially confirmed (or is there any new info regarding it)?


Ron Attwood said...

There's a dot on their map. I doubt its bullshit as Copenhagen & Sydny also have flashing dots. The latter two have been confirmed.

Oryxsim doesn't look too bad. Not great. Ultimately, the FT version will be the one to have.

devendra said...

Cant wait unitl for fs9 to fly yyz-pek

Fabrizio K said...

Orxysim and FlyTampa work together.

Karlideascope said...

As soon as FlyTampa states they are close or buzz is they are getting close to release OryxSim will immediately push this out the door.

I have been waiting for a decent CYYZ rendition for 10 years, and oddly enough I've lost all interest in Oryxsim's offering. Especially after 2 years since they first announced it and that it is 1 1/2 years behind originally stated release.

Perhaps developers should also learn to not get too anxious about their offerings until they know what they are getting into and will actually dedicate their time to their initial ambitions.

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