Tuesday, August 27, 2013

More Metrocabin!

FSX/P3D. Many of you will not admit to this but we all know this is true. With flight simulation's current limitations, we all add a bit of imagination to our flights. For example, as a child, I loved my Hot Wheels! I would imagine I was picking up my fictive supermodel girlfriend in my hot Corvette whilst pushing that thing about the sandbox. These days though, kids have the iPads and computers leaving little imagination with those things. But for FS, there still is. Sure, we imagine flying 747's with 400 people behind us or that we are actually a captain for that airline livery we are flying and etc. Well that's why I like the virtual cabin, it adds to that element that there is actually something else being me besides the couches of my den. The Metroliner's cabin is one nice example and it's coming along very nicely so far!

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