Monday, August 26, 2013

A note from me.

[Editors Note] After some consideration, I have decided to shut down the commenting options on ADX. The more popular ADX has become, the more people respected it for the ability to allow their voices to be heard. Dom, Mark, and myself were okay with this. But indeed, this has gotten out of hand. There are many very respectful folks out there who were very constructive in your comments and many others who just took advantage of it.

The sad loss here is that there were many developers that respected the honest and constrictive criticism on ADX, and many times this feedback led to changes and improvements in products. However, lately this has become a "bash on developers forum" and for a 1 man show, it's just too difficult to do all the moderating and still do the news and reviews to keep this site alive.

More comments got out lately than I intended.

It has gone too far, and my ineptitude, inability or lack of time, to properly and thoroughly moderate comments is the reason. Thus I take responsibility as my parents have taught me to do at a very young age.

I am quite sure this decision will anger many of you and for others, you may be applauding this decision.

Sure, John Venema could have handled his feelings in a more private way, but he did have a good point nonetheless. With some of the commenting taking place here lately, ADX has started to loose it's touch. It has become the Black Panther Party for many users to voice all their negativity. AirDailyX will no longer be a platform for this behavior.

I remain committed to keeping AirDailyX the #1 FS news site on the internet and for those of you who appreciate what I do and what you find here, I will keep going. But for those who may choose to hate me or ADX, or my decision, all I can say is sorry guys. Just know that as always, the few ruined things for the many and I can't babysit the many. It's not why I am here. So if anyone want's to boycot this blog or not come back, I totally understand. But the days of bashing developers and their products here are over and should have never gotten this far.

Hopefully, for those who have stuck with ADX since the beginning can start to see things return to normality.

Ultimately, this blog has grown far faster than Dom or I could have ever imagined. When I first joined Dom back in Jan of 2012, we barely saw 2,500 visits a day. Now pushing 4 million visits, we never thought we would get this big. Surely, I never thought. And the support from the development community has been huge! I am not just referring to the developers who paid us advertising for products, I am also referring to almost all the developers in the community that have supported us in many ways from around the world.

I do this work for the developers. I do this work because I respect them and their craft. I want to promote them in the best way I can because I want to encourage them. I want them to keep going. That's why I do this job which is not easy at all mind you.

It's obvious, our industry is shrinking and many developers have abandoned flight simulation altogether. it's just too small a community to harbor so much damn negativity.

What the readers get here is simply the by-product of my supporting the developers. But this blog belongs to all of you. I have always wanted ADX to be a community resource where you could get everything you needed in 1 place. It's still my goal.

And I don't think I do a lazy job at it either.

One of the reasons Dom quit is because he got burned out. We do all this work just to be a platform for other FS news websites to take their news from. And we have caught many people. Once John Venema himself caught another news site stealing an entire review off our pages. I have caught others as well including It's funny when all I have to do is name a screenshot ADX and find that same shot with the same name posted as news on other sites.

But for me, I see it as a sign of being good. And as a famous person once said, you know you are good when others try to copy you.

But it takes a lot to discourage me. I have even been called a nigger by a reader in the past for censoring his comment. The very first time that's ever happened to me actually and I have been all over the planet. Perhaps the commenting options should have stopped there. But I never wanted to allow the actions of 1 person ruin things for the many.

I do hope to keep the show running here guys and thanks for the kind emails and comments many of you have sent recently.

In this last statement I want to humbly apologize to any developers, development companies, and ADX readers if you found the commenting on ADX offensive lately. As I run this blog now, I have to take responsibility for it.

Thanks to all of you who visit every day and I do hope you stick around. Otherwise, John will be right, ADX will go to an early grave. And if it does, we'll... there are a great and many things I can use this free time for... like cleaning out the gutters!


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