Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Mirage almost ready! Woohoo!

FSX/P3D. Carenado is cracking these babies out at an amazing rate and I can't be happier. P3D is my total VFR wonderland and as such, the more the merrier when it comes to the props! This however is no ordinary prop. This is a luxury performance packed bird with plenty bells and whistles. And given the fact that Carenado and Alabeo is the best when it comes to visuals for aircraft this size, the PA46 will surely be a looker!

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Flying Squirrel said...

It will be a looker, and like all recent Carenado aircraft, a looker only. I wish they would hire someone into their team to do more hardcore system authentic simulated aircraft.

ScudRunner said...

Its steam so I'm sure it will pretty good systems wise with Reality XP. Im more worried about the FDE

alehead said...

I can only agree with Flying Squirrel. The speed at which they hammer the addons out is unbelievable. Then again, much of the instrumentation in their addons does not really work like its real-world counterparts...
I would buy them all if they had instrument functionality like the Twin Otter Extended or Real Air's aircraft... but as it is, I stay away, hoping that another team takes on the task and produces such an accurate visual simulation of the plane AND technically its cockpit...


Todd said...

I also agree with the criticism of Carenado. Another issue is they charge $40 for a piece of eye candy with poor FDE and sytems modeling, while other developers, like Aerosoft for example, charge the same price for a lot more aircraft.

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