Tuesday, August 20, 2013

ADX FirstLook: Twotter Extended Floates!

P3D. Okay. I really got out of hand today. I mean really out of hand. You ever come across a FS addon that looks so good from every direction you just can't help but stare at marvel at it's beauty? Well you can say that's exactly what I struggled with when I took way too many screenshots of this baby. The last 2 aircraft that stole my eyes on a visual scale were the Carenado TBM850 and Alabeo D17. There is just something about the floater version that really loves the camera and no matter the angle (I found some really exotic angles) she just looks so damn good. Come check it out!

So the only way to get good shots from this low angle is to whip out my trusty floating rubber duckie ring and jump in the water! If you are a lover of the Twin Otter you will really get your kicks with this baby! So come fly with me and see just how good looking this aircraft truly is!

Let's get above the weather!

Note this shot, the water stain was baked into the floats. Very nice touch! Great attention to detail!

Now let's try some exotic screen shot angles!

Okay top of decent!

Water landings ONLY! No landing gear.

Only Orbx can provide environments like these! Love these guys!

Final thoughts.

So for this FirstLook, I did not say too much. I have already said so much in the 2 previous FirstLook articles that I would mostly let the shots here do the talking themselves. This is by far the best looking in the collection. And whereas I can only come up with great things to say about it, there are just a couple issues.

The first issue is when I performed my engine start, and both engines normalized, the aircraft started to accelerate and was difficult to stop. Perhaps I did something wrong. The second thing is the liveries. I respect keeping the download times low, but give us a least 4 or 5 to start with. Although there will be plenty of downloads in the Aerosoft forum i'm sure. For what it's worth, it's an eye catching livery for sure!

Now whereas many may not be happy that the Twotter was released in sections when they already paid full price, this team did it the right way any I personally don't mind at all. The average wait between versions was what... 2 weeks? And in the mean time, you still get a part of the product to enjoy. QualityWings did this the wrong way. Nearly 2 years between versions of the same product in not the way to go when a customer has paid full price.

The team has done a great job and a new add on I love I now love even more! There is no where this aircraft can't go! Oh wait, there is actually. The snow! Will the ski variant be coming up next? I can only hope!

It's a great toy and the team is doing a great job. I can only hope Finn and the gang will continue to make fascinating aircraft like this.

Get yours now here: http://www.aerosoft.com/cgi-local/us/iboshop.cgi?showd,,12679

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Rick Harms said...

Yum yum. Nice review. I agree, AS pulled off the stepped release very well. (So far!) There is still the ski and the amphib (still a go as far as I know). I have never put so many consecutive hours on a new FS release since its release. Even more than the NGX! Since release, I have yet to fly another bird in my hangar. And I'm a 18-22 hour (RT) a week simmer.

The ski and the floater is not my perffered models, but amphib is sure to hit TBO real fast! I know Viking's Otters are 400's with glass. But ill be dressing her up in Viking's skins anyway!! Ahh the beauty of make believe eh?

alehead said...

Thanks for the heads up... need to be off to get the new installer!


Frank said...

Nice shots!
You need to deactivate the start locks before takeoff (they are still activated as I can see in one of your pictures. Set the power levers to reverse until torque increases and set back to idle then. If the beta range lights disappear, you've done it right and can take off.

You mentioned the customers payed full price for the Twotter which isn't correct, it's 5€s cheaper than the final version will be ;)

DAndre Newman said...

Thanks Frank. I did read somewhere that I needed to do that bot totally forgot. I knew I was missing simething. Ill give it a shot later today.

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