Thursday, August 29, 2013

Majestic! What... You thought they were done?

FSX/P3D. Yes, that's correct! The team is alive and well! Did you forget? Majestic still has 2 more variants of the MJC-Q400 to release being the Pro and Training editions. I guess the Pilot version worked out so well, everyone got quiet about it! We'll Dimitri has released a statement this morning regarding their current progress and what you can expect from the team in the near future as they push closer to release including updates for the current Pilot version.

"You may wonder why the development team seems to be so quiet these days? Don't worry, we never stopped working. We are a very small team and Oleksiy is very busy at this moment working in parallel on the next PILOT update and on the future PRO edition. 
PILOT edition: addressing known issues, namely approach mode disconnect and absence of turbulences. Both corrections are now being tested. Some other bugs will also be corrected. In addition to the FSX turbulence settings, turbulence will also be automatically generated when flying through the clouds, depending on the cloud type and density. 
PRO edition: some features already developed, many still to be done. The most challenging one - the shared cockpit is done and actually in beta testing. Very very nice feature, making flying the Q400 a totally new experience. And since sharing a flight with two friends is better than with one, we added a possibility to add an observer into the cockpit. Actually developing: Head-up Guidance System. Finished 3D modeling, working on the display and systems. The PRO edition will also include a configurable direct link to the joystick axis, allowing for 125Hz frequency of controlling the Flight Dynamics (as opposite to 30Hz frequency of the FSX), as well as bypassing the extensive filtering of Flight Controls by the FSX.
As usually, we don't give any time frame for the release.


Thanks for that update Dimirti! You guys rock!
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