Friday, August 30, 2013

FSL A320 going strong!

FSX. FlightSimLabs has been quite the talk around ADX. In fact, if I remember correctly, this aircraft was the epicenter of the "wingflex" arguments that started here and then became a famous joke that has been circulating around the community. We'll the developers are still cracking away and thanks to an ADX reader for this tipoff, here is the latest statement from the team.


"...I would like to know why the A320 is that much behind the shedule.. Mr. Kalamaras said November/December 2012. If he wasn't sure, he would not have said so. So with regards to the complexity of the A320, there must be a reason for the delay..
Maybe we will get more info soon..."

Andrew Wilson

"Lefteris has already said we underestimated the complexity of the A320. There are no hidden agenda's here, we're not sat around all day playing Solitaire
If you want to know why the A320-X is taking so long, go and take a look at the Aircraft Schematic Manual - there's your answer!

Now, the reason we are quiet at the moment is because a large internal build was released to our testing team last week. They're currently getting up to speed on the latest functionality we've modeled, and reporting back any issues they encounter. Our aim was to then bring you an update - but we've had to turn our attention to a number of important items on the project as a result of this latest internal release. I anticipate once some of this work is complete, you'll get an update from Lefteris on our progress.

Until then - here's a screenshot I took a little while ago."

I bet many of you wish could leave comments right now huh?

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