Monday, August 12, 2013

Fiumicino FSX update.

FSX. Many of you have been concerned about the FSX version release of the Dream Factory Studios Rome Fiumicino. According to Dream Factory Studios, Aerosoft is handling the release and making preparations to ensure the product is fully compatible with FTXGlobal. Thus it seems, Aerosoft has all the files for the product and it's on them as to when a preview comes and when it's released. We'll keep an eye out...
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James Goggi said...

Yes, Cornel told me the same thing, although Mathijs Kok keeps saying "Sorry, no news at this moment"

DAndre Newman said...

We'll as a former beta tester for the FS9 version, I did speak directly with Cornel via email just prior to this post and this is what he stated.

So according to him, Aerosoft has the files and are finishing the production. Release rely's on the AS team and it's out of his hands. Hope that clears things up.

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