Monday, August 5, 2013

Charleroi.. Now look at that!

FSX. Manuel is back from holidays and resuming its Charleroi EBCI project. The main terminal is just incredible and new areas of the scenery have been modelized (Work in progress).

Much more screenshots :


xavierp said...

Seems like comment sent from smartphone didn't go through.
just saying this scenery looks amazing.
Finally a great scenery for EBCI.
Looking like belgium has finally gotten a native talented developer.
Looking forward this scenery and whatever is coming next.
The old terminal is looking fantastic.

Keep it up


Manuel said...

Thank you Xavier ... <;)
The scenery Are ready ... just again 1 texture on 1 house and redact the manuel...

Xavierp said...

I ll gladly help with dnglish if needed

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