Monday, August 5, 2013

PMDG T7 : a 7 mn footage !

FSX. Another preview video has been uploaded today on Youtube and Avsim. Landing in Dubai !

Direct link to Youtube :


Arnaud dodo said...



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mfahey said...

Great video! Amazing aircraft of course. Sorry this comment is a bit off topic but I was but just wondering is the occasional hesitations in the sim (stutters) in this video when the textures loading on final and just at touchdown considered normal by most tube flyers with a very complex aircraft? 99% of the time I fly a turboprop, (up to FL220 etc) primarily in Orbx, Fly Tampa, Aerosoft airports etc and still get pissed at the extremely rare (maybe once every 10 hours flying) small stutter! I use to fly the PSS747, A320, A330 but since moving to FSX a long time ago never flown something heavy, but have recently been tempted to fly long haul but I don't want to start down a spiral of trying to tweak FSX for a performance level that is actually imposable to achieve!

Wilton said...

I noticed the stutters too and they could be caused by a number of things. It could be his/her system limitations, texture loading, and even the program used to record the flight for video. I occasionally use FRAPS to record flights for video and have noticed stutters. My normal flights do not stutter and I always fly tube liners, mostly PMDG NGX). It really depends on your system and how you have it set up, you add-ons etc...Your system can always be tweaked (adjusting the sliders) to accommodate PMDG products.

James said...

The stutters are most likely caused by FRAPS - the entire BETA team has said this performs better than the NGX by around 3-5fps. So performance shouldnt be an issue for many.

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