Monday, August 5, 2013

Iris Jabiru, 4 more

FSX. Iris Simulations has posted four new shots of the Jabiru J160C/D. WIP.

Other screenshots here :

And an another update (Facebook page) on their ongoing projects :

The F-22 is being reworked on and in fact we're close to launching a service pack which addresses a number of code issues in the original F-22 systems in relation to multiplayer.

As for the A-10, F-14 and Airlifter, you may have seen a number of posts where we're putting together a large upgrade free of charge for the Tactical Airlifter product. We've also indicated previously that the modifications made to the IRIS F-14 for Combat Pilot will be made available to existing customers of the IRIS F-14 in time.

Whilst we welcome the continued custom and enthusiasm for older aircraft, as a business we must continue to produce and prioritise new content for simulation platforms to pay the bills whilst we address the many enquiries and suggestions from our customers.



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