Thursday, August 1, 2013

ADX FirstLook: Lognes Emrainville!

P3D. Now here comes a scenery FirstLook that is indeed quite late. When we purchased the scenery early last month after it was released, I gave up on the article as the scenery kept crashing P3D. So finally after narrowing down the files, I finally found the issue. But now that I have the scenery working in P3D, I must say... it really wasn't worth the effort after all... and damn too... because was really looking forward to this. Come see what i am talking about as we head off to Lognes Emrainville just outside Paris!

As I mentioned, there was a single file stopping the scenery from working in P3D which is: obj_LFPL_ponts.BGL for those of you who might want the scenery working in P3D.

But as I also mentioned, once I finally got it all figured out, after a brief overview of the work, I realized indeed it was not worth my efforts.

Now I am well aware FranceVFR has always had sub-par quality airport sceneries. This very well could be the reason why they stopped making airports. Airport development is just simply not their strong arm. What FranceVFR is good at and I mean DAMN GOOD at is their VFR Photo and 3D Automation products.

So when I learned the team was returning to airport development, I was quite excited. I had an assumption that because the team was returning to airports (small VFR airfields at that) that the team would be returning with a level of quality not as good as Orbx, but at the very least as good as FlyLogic or LLH Creations.

Sadly, not only does this scenery fall short of those, but in fact, even FlightZone's years old FS9 Portland area airfields blow this out of the water. For a moment, I thought I was back in the early days of FS9.

The only thing positive I have to say about the scenery besides blending in somewhat well with FTXGlobal, is the high-res photo ground textures. But that's it. And for the $18bucks I spent, I really expected more.

But don't take my word for it, this is merely my own opinion.

Now let's say you are a fan of this airport but your feelings mirror my own and thus this just doesn't live up to today expectations. We'll a developer has been in contact with us regarding his own rendition of Lognes Emrainville and so far these ADX Exclusive shots are already showing a much better rendition! It's still a very early work in development. Check it out:

Not bad. This scenery is in development by PrealSoft. We will provide you with more information and updates as the scenery comes closer to completion.

As for FranceVFR, if this team is really returning to airport scenery development, I really expect a much better effort in the future. I expect the use of  high-res photo textures or texture baking as all modern sceneries use. Needless to say, I am left feeling quite disappointed.

You can purchase the scenery here:

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