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France VFR : latest update

One of the last preview from Nord Pas-de-Calais VFR, posted in ... March.
FSX. Laurent Dupouey, founder of  France VFR, has posted a new update on all ongoing projects. VFR range sceneries, french airports and Trafic France are among top priorities. On a side note, the french CEO is explaining that FVR is not going to make his products compatible with FTXG.
Update ! John Venema commenting.
Update 08/01st : France VFR CEO commenting!

As stated by France VFR this Monday :

The VFR range is the first target release, with Nord-Pas-de-Calais, and Britain (2 parts). Then will follow VFR Ile de France (Paris area), Aquitaine, PACA ("French Riviera") and Rhône-Alpes. Basse-Normandie should be included as well.

The Normandy 1944 (Historic range) is only an isolated product so far.

The Photo range (photoreal scceneries) is now over but Autogen factory complementary packs will be released gradually on this specific website [ADX : they are normally free of charge].

Régional airports :

Will the latest release of Lognes, other airports will be soon released ; Bordeaux, Montpellier, Marseille and Lyon, even if other developers have released or are working on these 2 latest airports.

[ADX : Jetstream Design Marseille is a promising success and is now n°3 weekly bestseller after 2 weeks]

France VFR also intends to work deeper on "Trafic France" from this september. From our knowledge, Trafic France is a custom AI trafic for France area.

Another expected release in  the 4e quarter will be the NextMesh range of 4,75 meters mesh for all other european countries (but, as stated by France VFR, some pirates might release some illegal mesh datas by then).

FSXtension (Simulation DATA) should be released by the end of 2013.

On a side note, France VFR has also explained that there will be no compatibility with Orbx FTX Global : "I offered their CEO [J.V.] a fair solution but he has not paid much attention to it."

Apparently, Laurent offered to exchange informations / files but it has been denied.

* * * * * *

ADX : This is a free translation from France VR update.évisions-2012-2013/page-7



Just In Case said...

Going to get the popcorn.

Darren Hamilton said...

You left out the juicy bit at the end ;-)

j'ai proposé une solution équitable qui ne semble pas retenir l'attention de leur CEO, n'étant pas de mon côté disposé à leur donner tous mes fichiers les yeux fermés s'ils n'acceptent pas la même chose en retour. De plus je vois d'un très mauvais oeil des gens qui débarquent en Europe en demandant qu'on leur facilite leur intégration, tout en conservant une exclusivité de la vente de leurs produits à un site américain et en refusant cette vente aux européens :-) Voilà c'est dit !!!

I suggested a very fair solution that doesn't seem to be of much interest to the Orbx CEO. I'm not willing to make all my files available to them unconditionally, if they are unwilling to to the same on their part. It also seems in very bad taste that those who start working with European scenery ask that one facilitates the integration of their material, when at the same time they push to retain their exclusivity at an American site, thereby not allowing sales from Europeans :-) There, I've said it!!!

Seems that John Venema isn't quite the nice guy that he wants his customers to believe he is!

Mark H said...

Why do I have the image in my mind of a Snowspeeder (FranceVFR) being crushed under the foot of an AT-AT(Orbx)??

Mr. A said...

I don't think anybody is under the impression that JV is particularly nice...

AviatorMan said...

Not too interested in the corporate blame game. If France VFR is not compatible with FTX Global they will certainly diminish their appeal to large portion of the marketplace.

FrequentFlyer said...

France VFR not compatible with FTX Global? I have just installed FTXG and it perfectly seems compatible with France VFR's regions Nord-pas-de-Calais and Bretagne and with Strasbourg airport. The colour blending is a bit of an issue (France VFR's landclass are lighter green than those of FTXG), otherwise there seem to be no compatibility problems. Am I missing something?

Sid said...

Lol :-)

John Venema said...

Hello all,

FTX Global works fine with FranceVFR addons and also TRUElandscape France. We even show screenshots of TLSF on the official FTX Global product page.

The issue is more one of our request to Laurent to give us his autogendescription.spb and default.xml mods that we can incorporate into our FTX Central switcher, just like we did for Aerosoft, EarthSimulations and other developers. Laurent was opposed to giving us his mods because he felt he would lose control of his products if he wanted to make changes.

Our conversation did not go much further than that. He did propose a new system of installers using a central repository of changes, that all vendors could adopt, but that was a longer term solution which would need quite a lot of cooperation between many companies, and which would not provide a short term solution for FTX customers.

Regardless, I am still open to adding their autogen mods to our FTX Central files, as I am with any other vendor. Because we update FTX Central and our libs so often, any changes a vendor makes will always filter through to our customers fairly quickly.

So I don't see a real problem really, and I don't have any issues with Laurent or his products, they are quality work and I am sure very popular.

Hope that clears things up?

AviatorMan said...

Informative comment from J.V. Hope this gets sorted, as I have been a fan of France VFR's regional products and airports beginning in FS2004 (where I purchased them all) and having moved over to FSX recently have started to repurchase them. However, as I have started to build a scenery base in Britain wih ORBX regional products and wishing to fly across the channel, autogen ompatibility with France VFR's products is essential to me.

Laurent Dupouey said...


Before trying to go further, John, it should be nice to receive a final version of FTXG ! isn't it ? :-)

Anyway, we use many descriptions and we'll update it very often, so it is not possible to provide these files to OrbX just for a one shot ! it should creates a lot of issues when updating products in the future !

We are still ok to share our autogen descriptions with a centralized common description installer to allow users to get always the latest version.

Laurent Dupouey
France VFR

Andrew said...

Yeah... Great... Dev's war in ADX... :D

DAndre Newman said...

Relax there Andrew. Far from it. There is an open dialogue between the 2 developers and I am confident both will find a common resolution. Both highly talented dilligent developers here.

Chris Strobel said...

Hey Laurent, any chance of an English version of your website in the near future? :)

Todd said...

Is Mr. Dupouey asking for a copy of FTXG? Did he reciprocate? I'm not sure I'm buying his reasoning. Where does Orbx not allow europeans to purchase their products?? Their vendor site is Australian and anyone can purchase. Sounds like sour grapes...maybe I'm misinterpreting, must be the French accent :)

2 buck chuck said...

Guess there isn't the drama we hoped for...

Kaman said...

Hi Dandre, i heard a rumour about the 777 coming out any info for us....please? I saw u guys changed the billboard, it says now VERY SOON !

Alehead said...

People should stop interpreting what is going on here and leave it up to the developers to iron out the issues.
I saw the effect on adding the autogen descriptions with Aerosoft's airport releases (think Mykonos and Skiathos) a great improvement if you use FTX EU or Global, and let's face it, more of us are using them...


DannyH73 said...

Sim simmarket are having a sales of FranceVFR products at 30% discount - am I right to understand at this time that the photoreal stuff will work fine (as expected withphotoreal) but the VFR products will not, due to their custom autogen and incompatibility with the changes that FTXG has introduced in to the autogen database?

If FTXG is a replacment for the general textures, why does it impact on 3rd party products that would have run fine with the original FSX/P3D textures? Is it becuase FTXG will gradually be increasing the named textures it uses when the OpenLC is launched?

In truth, 'd like to buy some of the VFR stuff at a discount, but won't be if it doesn't work with FTXG.

Jack said...

Exactly, and given the popularity of both products, I think there will be a solution to properly integrate FTXG and FranceVFR products.

AviatorMan said...


I believe FTXG is compatible with most other developer's sceneries, including France VFR. The problem is autogen compatibility with ORBX's regional sceeneries (e.g., FTX England, Wales and Scotland), not FTXG. To be compatible with FTX Regional, the autogen library from France VFR product needs to be loaded into ORBX FTX Central.

To this point in time, I understand that France VFR has provided their autogen to ORBX for Nord-Pas-de-Calais and Bretagne, but not for the others. I have ORBX England, Scotland and Wales and FTXG, and I have France VFR N-P-D-Calais and Bretagne, and all work just fine. But the other France VFR regionals, Alsace and Haute Normandie, evidently have not been rationalized with Orbx,so I have avoided buying them unti the two companies sort this problem.

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