Thursday, August 1, 2013

FTXG : Night Lights !

FSX/P3D. Compared with FSX defaut textures - designed more than 7 years ago - FTX Global adds its own set of night textures and very effective dusk and night 3D lights. Here are some screenshots - not edited ones - in some large cities in USA. In most cases, these lights will enhanced your final approach on main airports.

San Francisco airport

San Francisco airport. The surroundings hills, lighted up. Taken from KSFO (Flightbeam).

Dallas Fort Worth

In the backstage, KDFW (FS Dreamteam).


New York and Manhattan

Even with Aerosoft Manhattan X, FTX Global adds some new lights around the island and on some avenues.

San Diego airport

With Latin VFR San Diego airport.

With Latin VFR Miami V.2

Washington Dulles

With Flightbeam Dulles
Washington DC

Los Angeles airport
Here, with FS Dreamteam KLAX.

Los Angeles city


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Flyer said...

It would have been good if the lights worked in complete separation of the default autogen slider. We could reduce the autogen houses and still fly into complex airports with the PMDG NGX even with a maximum number of night lights. No OOMs any more.

DMac10121 said...

The lights truly are spectacular. I was just landing in Munich a bit ago and the way they were positioned in a rural setting was very realistic and makes me very, very glad I bought FTX Global!

Boeing100 said...

I agree with DMac10121 completely. I decided to do some circuit patterns in the 737NGX at Montreal Airport (FlyTampa Addon) at dusk. All I could say is WOW. It makes such a difference, the color and the brightness of it is right on point. I could even tell straight away during taxi that it was going to be special, as I could see the city lights glowing on the horizon, behind the airport tree lines. I've noticed no impact on FPS, though there are thousands of lights displaying at the same time. Great job Orbx!

Alehead said...

This lighting system is transforming the way we see and use FSX. I just hope that they can find a way to fix the fact that UTX roads are not recognized by the vector lighting system. The UTX roads have not 3D lighting, as the GUID used is different from the default apparently...


Dave11 said...

This site should be called AirDailyOrbX.

Andrew said...

Sorry for posting this here, but look this:

Andrew said...

Did you see that?

Andrew said...

Did you see or not? :P Looks amazing!

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