Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Tundra released!

FSX/P3D. Aerosoft just released the latest build 1.03 of the Twotter Extended. This version contains the tundra wheel model, tweaks to some autopilot files as well as the addition of the livery manager. Get yours now and go off-road! I myself performed a flight to Courchevel last night in the Twin Otter. What a perfect aircraft! The Twin Otter can get you into and out of just about anywhere!

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cfit said...

Can the yoke be hidden now?

Golden Star said...

Payware quality airport NZNP New Plymouth for free! Works with Orbx NZNI!

Graeme said...

Doesn't seem so. Still stuck with our dual (real and virtual) yokes it seems.

I wonder if maybe one day we'll be able to use a combination of NVidia 3D and MS Kinetic to just use hands in the air to pretend to use the yoke on screen. Gee that would make the wife wonder what I was up to when she walked past, particularly if I was flying the A2A Cub with Heidi on board ;)

Rick Harms said...

Great news! The twin otter x is the one plane as of late that has pulled my stubborn ass out of the NGX. Since release, I've logged 42 hrs. On her. Love the new otter! A must have in my oppinion.

adi518 said...

holy crap.. wow.. thanks for posting that!

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