Thursday, July 25, 2013

The latest on the Metroliner!

FSX. Razbam is back with a few more shots of the Metroliner. This is likely the next big prop spinner since the Majestic Q-400! Here though, no fancy screens and computers, you are going to fly this baby the old fashioned way. I like that! It's good that not every developer is putting out only advanced systems aircraft. We really need older steam girls like this too! Looking great so far!!/RazbamSims
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Turbo_1 said...

"It's good that not every developer is putting out only advanced systems aircraft."

I don't think "steam gauges" and "advanced systems" are mutually exclusive, in that the operation and systems accuracy of this forthcoming aircraft (and many others existing with non-glass avionics) are just as complex as their digital counterparts like the Q400. Take a look at the upcoming Milviz 737-200, and the existing Project Tupolev Tu-154 for examples of incredibly complex addons with "old" avionics.
Just a point of observation...

Adam said...

In terms of complexity I think the real challenge for Razbam with the Metro will be the AWI far as I know that hasn't been simulated on an aircraft yet.

Nothing to see here said...

It will be interesting to see how the Metro's Garretts match those of the PMDG J41.

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