Thursday, July 4, 2013

Shanghai has begun!

FS9/FSX/P3D. ImagineSim has officially broken ground on ZSPD and we have the very first shot! We are actually quite excited to see ImagineSim and flight simulation as a whole start to make it's slow yet steady move into these regions. Together with ThaiCreation, SkySoft, WingCreration, PacSim, and A_ASceneries, Asia is finally getting it's day! The best of luck to our friends at ImagineSim, This one is going to be big!

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Commenting Simmer said...

Speaking of Thai Creations, do we have any news about Mumbai VABB for FSX?

Nothing has been heard for months now (since it was released for FS9).

Commenting Simmer said...

And of course I will buy ZSPD, the moment it is released.

SG James said...

Asia finally getting its day? What did Asia do to deserve all these second rate "payware" airports?!

There isnt 1 quality airport in Asia yet apart from Flytampa Kai Tak. Its nice to see some developers trying but nothing compares to the quality of designers like Flightbeam, Flytampa, FSDT etc who keep pushing the limits and innovating . All the ones at the moment could pass for freeware projects and have made no real progress in quality since FSX was released.

For Asia to really take off we need to see much better quality, or one of the big/better name designers coming in and having a go.

DAndre Newman said...

Awww that's too bad for you. But you can always not complain and make your own scenery...

Mark Batarina said...

There's nothing wrong with Imagine sim's scenery. I think they look good!

Mark Batarina said...

There's nothing wrong with Imagine sim's scenery. I think they look good!

SG James said...

Ive tried - ill admit I can never get anywhere near what even the freeware guys make - its incredibly difficult.

Then again, its not my job, its not my career. It is for these guys so they should be good at and be able to innovate with the best - yet they dont progress and keep putting out substandard products compared to the leaders in FSX at the moment.

As a long time FSX addon customer I have the right to an opinion and this is mine. Not everyone will agree im sure, and thats fine too. Each to their own. These products are not as good as they could be and that is a fact. Whether your ok with that as a consumer is up to you. At the moment if you fly in Asia you have very little choice.

Mason Dominique said...

Very few team are now able and willing to develop heavy airports. Imagine Sim is becoming precious for this reason among others. The team has also years of experience in this field.
Dom Mason

22 palms said...

You know what James ? you are Right....some people tend to like EVERYTHING, support everybody, etc...

Commenting Simmer said...

"There isnt 1 quality airport in Asia yet apart from Flytampa Kai Tak."

I completely disagree:

Some quality Asian airports:

- WSSS, VHHH, VIDP (ImagineSim)
- VTBS (Armi Project)
- VTSP (A-A Sceneries)
- VNKT, VQPR, VMMC (Thai Creations)
- RKSI (Overland)
- WIII, WARR (BDO Aviation)
- USSS (Aerosoft)
- UNNT (freeware)

Mahin Khandaker said...

Will definitely buy this! ImagineSim has really great asian airports.

SG James said...

I think we have a very different understanding of the word quality. But thats ok - I have ImagineSim WSSS, VHHH and VIDP and they are average at best. Better than the default but not the best they could be given the quality we are seeing from other teams at the moment. I try to support as many developers as I can - but these just dont cut the grade for me anymore.

Bert pike said...

Looks pretty nice to me.

Todd said...

Gees we have a bunch of winers in this hobby. No longer is it about someone just developing your airport of interest. Now it has to be HD, like FlightBeam and FSDT, or else it is junk.

Hey, James, I have news for you. Not every developer is a professional modeler. Most do this on the side and have learned it the hard way - trial and error. Some succeed and some fail. You said you tried scenery design but just couldn't do it. I get that because a lot of people have tried and just got frustrated and quit. But for you to call these developers second rate is not just an opinion. It's disrespectful of the time and effort they put into their work. Your comment is shameful.

Misha Cajic (MCA Designs) said...

James, you say it's not your career. For many developers its not their career either! You are perfectly entitled to your own opinion but to consolidate all developers except the really well known ones into the 'second rate' category is just rude and downright disrespectful. If you would like to express your opinion please at least do it in a manner that is respectful and not a jab at the developers.

Søren Veje said...

+++ >>>SKYSOFT SIMULATIONS - the chinese FS9 scenery design team, they will soon come up with some FSX scenery's... now, let's see what they also can offer for the "demanding" FS community outthere ;-) Sugiii

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