Thursday, July 4, 2013

Alabeo Tomahawk: Get ready to spin it!

FSX/P3D. And here we go with yet another aircraft high on my 2013 list! So far, only 2 aircraft didn't pan out for me this year being the Carenado TBM850, and the SibWings AN2. The latter simply not having P3D compatibility. But Alabeo has been delivering on all it's promises and I couldn't be happier with this team! I have been stressing my old FlyingClub Tomahawk for too long and it's time to get one in Alabeo quality! I just can wait to spin this bad boy!! Release should be this month!!/Alabeo?hc_location=stream
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VonClout said...

Hi DAndre, I've recently purchased the AN2 and it does have P3D compatibility if you use FlightsimEstonia's app to install it. Have been happily flying around in it for the past week now.

DAndre Newman said...

Really? I did install into P3D and had issues. A have the ASE app and I love it but cant remember if I used it the first time. But if ASE's app works for the AN2 then ill happily try that later today!

Pirx said...

I also used the Migration Tool from FlightSimEstonia when installing the An-2 on P3D and it works. The same wiht the A2A P40.

With the one there are some sound issues is the Lancair Legacy.

DAndre Newman said...

Thanks guys!!!! IT WORKED!!! IM SO HAPPY!! I'm gonna do a big review!!!

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