Saturday, July 20, 2013

Mumbai @ night!

FSX. ThaiCreations has now progressed to the night lighting stage of Chhatrapati for FSX. The FS9 version was very well done for this developer. Now even though these shots are not the best, their sceneries always seem to look much better in the sim than their shots tend to display.
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mfahey said...

These screenshots look very dark and orange, but in fact they really capture the atmosphere of Mumbai at night. I am a regular visitor to the airport and when flying in at night there is typically a soupy dark amber glow. These screenshots look just like the real thing, I can almost smell and feel the place just as it is in real life. Cheers, Mark

Sid said...

I was thinking just the same thing Mark :-) You're so right about that amber glow...your description is spot experience is the same.

Really looking forward to the distinctive "smell and feel" of bustling Mumbai. Hope its really good!

Sid said...

P.S. Hey Mark,
Don't know if you saw my question to you on the original Mumbai post further back but was just wondering if you would recommend any other reasonably decent Thai Creations airports/sceneries for Asia? Anyone else, feel free to recommend too...I want to support these guys so will definitely buy Mumbai and at least a couple of the other airports I don't already have yet.


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