Monday, July 29, 2013

JustFlight DC-8 external!

FSX. Now correct me if i'm wrong but... The last time we saw a payware DC-8 I believe it was the old FS9 AeroSim model. Damn that was a very long time ago! Their is a DC-8 project taking place on the FSDeveloper forums over the last couple years, but I don't know if that thing will ever get completed. JustFlight has just unleashed the first external shot of their aircraft. This one looks nice so far, but I am really hoping for the stretched cargo variant with the CFM engines!!/justflight?hc_location=stream
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Wayne Gretzky said...

excuse me if this sounds ridiculous... but those shots look like they were taken in FS2004?

Batman said...


cowpatz said...

I do hope it is not a lite version and that it has 2D panels.

Anonymous said...
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