Monday, July 1, 2013

Danish Airfields X - Tunø preview!

FSX/P3D. If you have not given Vidan Design a chance, you are terribly missing out! This is a developer that is quickly making his way upward. If you are a Orbx fan and looking forward to all the FTX sceneries making their way into Scandinavia, Tuno is not to be overlooked! Also see our recent ADX FirstLook of Sonderborg!

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AutoRotationer said...

Oscar Yankee Alpha Delta Whiskey to Tunø Tower over.

Tunø Tower:
Roger Oscar Yankee Alpha Delta Whiskey, go ahead.

Alpha Delta Whiskey we see some llamas roaming the airfield. Please confirm runway clear of obstacles.

Tunø Tower:
Negative, there are some Danish long-necked sheep on the runway, sending border collie for immediate dispersal.

Sid said...

Looks great! Love the wildlife! :-)

Anonymizer said...


INFORMER said...

It has just been relesed at simmarket.. have fun

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