Monday, July 1, 2013

Rarotonga !

FSX. Cook Islands are back. Another update today from Pacsim and Graham. New screenshots from Rarotonga NCRG ! In the meantime, Graham is still working on Manilla RPLL.

More screenshots :


Mahin Khandaker said...

Can't wait to fly FSDT KLAX-Pacsim NCRG!

Midnight Music said...

Want that one! With the new Aerosoft Tahiti coming it makes for a nice hop in that area.

Sid said...

True! Hope they keep improving with every new piece of work. If they do, I'll keep supporting. Have a few of their sceneries. Chubu Centrair is somehow very heavy on frames for me though but it looks very nice... Tahiti-Rarotonga :-) That would make a nice island hop indeed! Will watch progress on ADX.

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