Wednesday, July 24, 2013

ADX FirstLook: JetStream Marseilles!

FSX/P3D. Always remember you read it here first: JetStream Designs is the next big developer to enter the FS market! I'll be honest, I was quite skeptical this project would reach fruition when we published the first renders. Many products that debut on FSDeveloper rarely endure the long road to completion. But, I can honestly say that I am very impressed and when you get this scenery, so will you! Let's head to the South of France where the wine flows like well.. wine! It's time to visit Marseilles!

So before I leave you with all the shots, let me first say that you will have NO issues flying your NGX here WITH ai traffic. The frames are almost just as good as default minus a few micro stutters here and there. The parts that could have been done better and the roof textures and parking lot textures. It looks like cars are parked on dirt. The developer really could have done a better job in that area. Roof textures are a bit blurry as well.

But guess what? that's all I have negative to say about it.

I really wish FTXGlobal would be freaking released by now as I am sure this would have made things look much better.

Great job with the trees.

Love all the cars.

And there are MANY cars!

Glass textures are spot on!!

All buildings are just as they should be!
You can't really tell with these shots, but yes, environmental reflections are present.

Really good ground image!

Well done on the ground textures!!

I personally like the night lighting technique. Very nice. Although, I assume many will feel it's too bright.

Very nice texture and lighting work! 

Final thoughts.

For a first release, this work is super impressive and would be considered a Mega Airport by Aerosoft's standards. Usually when a developer is this good on a first attempt, the second release is much better. I am looking forward to JetStream Designs becoming a new household name in the FS community. Trust me, you will not be disappointed! This airport will work with GSX, and the developer is sending the files to Aerosoft for AES. Get your copy now at Simmarket.


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Chris said...

I bought it and you are right. It is not FT, but more than worth the money. We have to support yound developers if we want our small community to prosper! LFML is a very interesting with quite an unusual and challenging approach. I can certainly recommend this scenery.

Unknown said...

It seems it's a nice addon!
I hope Lyon st Exupery will be as good as this one...

spmflight said...

Is it compatible with France VFR ?

DAndre Newman said...

Yes it comes with files and instructions for PACA Vol. 2

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