Saturday, June 8, 2013

Vaeroy : a first video

FSX. Jo Erlend has just uploaded a first video of Vaeroy Luftavn airport ENVY. Jo is the specialist of Norwegian airports and signed many projects with Aerosoft (Olslo, Trondheim, Oslo..)

Link to the videp ( more than 3 mn footage)


Sid said...

Nice! Feels like Norway. Really nice!

xavier p said...

it is very nice indeed, really enjoying this video.
especially the breaking through at the begining and the impressive scenery that pops up and the final approach on last left turn with the houses and the street below, very nice.
All there is left to do is improving the scenery between thoses houses and the runway and the flat bushes lanes..or whatever that is (i know it s work in progress)

thank u jo & aerosoft for this looks like a must have

Anonymous said...

Bloody hell, this is 2013. Please do the promo video's in HD, 720p at least.

ALX WNT said...

Vaeroyyyy JENKINSS

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