Sunday, June 9, 2013

Godzone now working on Wellington

FSX. I must admit how difficult it is, to follow Godzone developments. Between the different websites, shops and forums, all these packages.... Well, from what we understand, Godzone team is now working on Wellington city and airport (NZWN) in New-Zealand.

More détails on Godzone latest projects :
 (most of them are FTX compatible)

! Their previous airport (in New-Zealand), Tauranga airport is now available at an interesting discount.


Anonymous said...

If they make it compatible for FTX NZNI, I'll be buying it for sure!

Unknown said...

Quality scenery! Just bought his Nelson scenery. Fully compatible with FTX NZSI.

Mason Dominique said...

Wellington will shurely be compatible, as most of their latest works.

Sid said...

That's great news. This is just the kind of thing I've been keeping a look out for. Count me in. That's a very decent price. Sounds like the poor guy's had a pretty tough time of it lately on the personal front and is trying to get back on his feet and I'm more than happy to add my support.

Moreover, I've been looking for some quality add-ons to build up FTX Kiwi-land in the sim and the fact that he's doing the city and airport in windy Wellington to such a decent standard...well its a no brainer. Well done Godzone! You're right about something Mason: it seems a little tricky to make sense of the website and know which version to buy but I'm sure it'll come clear once I more than give it a quick skim. Thanks for the heads-up once again and would be great if you could try and let us know here once you know its close to release so we can unleash the old credit cards. Any idea how far along it is? Can't remember seeing that on the website. Definitely in though. The global destinations just keep on growing and from his vid, appears, at least, that performance won't be a concern alongside ORBX either. Cheers again!

Best regards,

Unknown said...

Yes, I am now thinking of trying some of their stuff, particularly Nelson. Looks very good.

Robin Corn said...

Cheers, Sid.
A quick clarification about this project -- the Godzone site is really just an online Store, so only released scenery appears here. The only 'news' component is the Facebook feed on the main page.

The Godzone/Developer blog site is new. This is a simple way to keep interested parties (such as airport management, and those I want favours from) up to date with the project. Opening it up to everybody is a bit of an experiment, with the risk of confusing things, especially with an older Wellington scenery available in the Store.

Since FTX NZ I've included the FTX compatible category in the Store, which only lists the scenery which works with FTX. This does mean that some scenery is listed twice, but by selecting the FTX category you can just see what's relevant.

Some visitors get confused by the compilations, I've always done a compilation, mainly aimed at local simmers. I've added the FTX compilation, which may confuse things, but it has been popular. However there is only ever one version of each scenery, just the 'packaging' is different.

I won't give a release date, or even comment on progress, except for the blog posts. Pop into the Godzone/Development site now and then, and it should become clearer in the next couple of months.

Sid said...

Any chance of an ADX review if you guys try any of these great-looing sceneries guys? No worries if not...I can appreciate you're probably going to have a lot of first look/reviews to tide you over during these next 2 months with a whole waft of fsx/p3d magic queuing up for release :-)

Anonymous said...

I've been a fan of their scenery for a very long time. Nelson Airport - NZNS - has been one of my favourites since release and it's the perfect destination on a shortish hop from South Eastern Australia.

DAndre Newman said...

Hey Sid,

Since the old FS9 versions of Godzone sceneries, they have been pretty much off our radar. But we are looking to change that. So in answer to your question, YES. We are looking to start trying out their catalogue and adding them to our coverage.

We will get in contact with the developer.

Besides, all you have to do is ask and we will always do our best to deliver!

Sid said...

That's absolutely fantastic D'andre! Your reply is wonderful news indeed and its fantastic to hear the inclusive warmth and 'can do' attitude in your comments. It must be wonderful to discover, in your case, re-discover a hidden gem like this?! I'm so delighted you're going to be gettting in touch with him. I think it'll really help him with exposure on the radar and also help us generally as a community. Just another perfect example of one of the roles ADX plays in service to the flight simulation community, IMHO. Well done ADX and here's to looking forward to seeing more of Godzone around. After seeing yours and Robin's (I presume the developer) replies, I'm going to take another look to see if I can make sense of it after his explanations and figure out what products I need to buy that'll enhance my FTX NZ experience. I'm really excited about Wellington too, especially the fact tat Robin's doing the city too.

Kind regards,

Sid said...

Hi Robin!

Thank you so very much for coming on here and clearing up a lot of my confusion so nicely. I needed that as I'm very interested in the stuff you're doing and, if I hadn't seen it here, I don't know if and when I'd have stumbled upon it. So I'm very happy that I'm now aware of what's been a very pleasant surprise indeed. Just a couple of things, if you're still around and this article hasn't moved too far down the page yet:

1) I'm afraid I'm not signed up for facebook or ever likely to be but I am pleased that I'll at least be able to see the news on it, and that's useful for the majority of people who I'd imagine are on it. And so I do apologise in advance that unfortunately I won't be able to engage on facebook, not out of some misplaced pride in not using facebook, but simply because due to my profession, it is not in my best interest or advised to have a presence on facebook. So I do hope you can understand that but I will be very happy engaging in feedback and banter here and anywhere else that doesn't require full disclosure or pose 'risks'.

2) Secondly, I must admit I was one of those visitors to the website that was initially confused by the compilations but you've clarified most of that nicely, thank you. Basically, I think I need to work out what will give me the best up-to-date appearance in FTX buy and install Nelson and Tauranga as separate products or buy and install the FTX compatibility compilation. I'm not sure whether the 2 included legacy items (Lakes and Auckland, which sound nice and very desirable) will look better than FTX NZ for those particular areas. My instinct tells me not and it might be better to get the 2 airports separately. If you're still around, would I be right? Or are you perhaps planning to update those areas some time in the future (seven-year cycle and all)? I'll give it a couple of days in case there's a response but, if not, don't worry, I'll get on there and buy them one way or another. Lets see if the chaps above and I can get you jump-started for now, at least.

3) Very excited about Welly!

Lastly, all that remains from me is to wish you wel and the very best with 'everything' Robin and try and engage with these guys at ADX when you can as its obviously proved to be great exposure. You've certainly found a bunch of fans, supporters and ultimately, customers here. And don't worry about the odd inevitable criticism that shows up now and then everywhere, some constructive and some just pathetic, just stay focused and keep doing what you've started and you'll do well, I'm sure. Good luck buddy!

All the best,

Robin Corn said...

I appreciate your comments, Sid.
Just purchasing Nelson and Tauranga is a good choice, the others are older, large-scale summer photo scenery, so they won't always blend with FTX.

(You do get to choose one older scenery for free with Nelson, so you could choose Rotorua/Tauranga, although only Tauranga is compatible with FTX. Just look for the 'Choose your free Legacy download' selector at the bottom of the Real NZ Nelson page.)


Anonymous said...

I just had an amazing 6 hour+ flight from YBRM to NZNS in the NGX. Everything performed flawlessly and I can tell you that approaching the NZ coastline at FL 390 is spectacular. The Skeet One approach into NZNS is something else and reminds me of flying into Zurich. The mountains, the hills, the beautiful green pastures, it's all there ;-)

Sid said...

Sounds just perfect!!! I must try the same flight once I've bought Nelson (and Tauranga)! You're right about approaching the NZSI northern coastline, it is an awe-inspiring experience I found too when when flying down from Aukland to Christchurch as you cross the strait. Thanks for sharing mate!

Sid said...

I appreciate the wonderfully honest advice in what exactly would be a good choice for my needs and expectations Robin. And it makes good sense with what I was thinking. Thank you so much for that, and even replying! Fills me with trust in buying your products from now on. I will do just that and buy the Nelson and Tauranga sceneries as soon as I have time in the next few days so hopefully a few dollars should find their way to you soon, and I'll keep an eye open for Wellington (and a possible Christchurch in the future :-) hint hint) Kidding aside, looking forward to all future quality works mate! If you have some sort of forum in the future, will be happy to pop in from time to time. But don't worry about that, I'm sure you've got your hands full for the near future. Best of luck and thanks once again and keep up the great work buddy!


Sid said...

P.S. Just have to say, love the moving cable car in the Wellington pic at the top! There's nothing like a bit of life in the sceneries these days to make things feel dynamic, like a living, breathing place. Makes it very attractive not to want it for me, don't really fully understand why that kind of thing really makes it irresistible to buy immediately for me in high-quality sceneries, except for the reason I said, I guess. Wierd. Orbx does a good job of that too. Well done mate! Can't wait for Wellington but will so take as long as you need to get it as you'd like it. And enjoy doing it...that's important too, never forget!

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