Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Tipella imminent

FSX/P3D. Tipella CBB7, the British-Columbian airfield, is almost ready. And these new shots really give another idea of the scenery. Gorgeous and... free.

Much more screenshots :  


Anonymous said...

FTX Scotland be out before this.

Sid said...

Lovely work by Gordon Madison, Orbx's latest new talent. Really shows off the charm of British Columbia ...and its free. Very nice Orbx and thank you! So, I do believe its going to be a nice weekend to have this to go along with a discounted FTX Scotland and my first and discounted Orbx England airport (or airfield - can't decide between Popham, Elstree and Shoreham at this point) downloading. Lots to discover.

Rick Harms said...

Really looking forward to this! I do a lot of fish up aroud this area and can't wait to see how they have recreated it. Tough approach to master hats for sure.

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