Wednesday, June 26, 2013

FTX Global : "beta week"

FSX/P3D. While posting these new shots from various places, including Doha here, John Venema has just stated : "We hope we have a beta built ready for testing by the end of next week".

More screenshots :


Anonymous said...

i dont remember see FTX global for Africa, if they forgot that part of the world, it is ftx partial not global


Snijboon said...

Bit late for a beta?!?!

9000 said...

Video here:

John Venema said...

Hi there. Indeed we are still at alpha stage this week and will do a final beta assembly by around July 7th. Since FTXG is 95% replacement textures with a bit of LC and lighting added there is not a lot for testers to report back on other than really obvious LC issues, which we have addressed for the most part in the alpha stage. So we don't need a long beta cycle other than to debug and get stable any code changes to FTX Central and other supporting apps to implement the new "hybrid" mode of allowing FTX regions and Global to work concurrently in the sim.

Anonymous said...

Here's a question, I have. I mulled this over for some time and I'm confused. What's the difference between NA ..EU.ans Asia ect. Are we talking landscape at all textures of rice patties and trees/vegetation.

Please explain in english not fsx slang.

Anonymous said...

Please write your question in English.

Nothing to see here said...

This just replaces the default ground textures and autogen, but there's no new landclass (that's coming later I think, AFAIK Orbx is planning to release some sort of tool for the users)

In plain English: This addon replaces all ground textures and every building/vegetation assigned within that texture are improved and rearranged, but the general layout of those textures in the FSX world (AKA landclass, e.g coastlines, city limits, forest edges) remain as default.

Anonymous said...

So you're saying that FTX EU England+Wales+Scotland and future projects in the EU region will work in the same session as FTX Global without the need of switching stuff in FTX Central interface? Thanks

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