Wednesday, June 26, 2013

More Orbx Bonners Ferry (65S)

FSX/P3D. Orbx has posted several more preview captures from Bonners Ferry (65S) and boy does it look fantastic. The detail and quality just looks excellent. Very much looking forward to July with Orbx Juneau, Queenstown, Southampton, Bonners Ferry, and of course FTX Global all expected for release.

See the applicable preview thread for even more shots - click here


DannyH73 said...

Ugh! My credit card is going to be taking a hammering

Sid said...

Its hard to choose there's so much happening in July but my first priority has got to be FTX Global, then Scotland & an England airfield. But this looks so damn nice it just has to be on the must get list too for later.

Jenna Haze said...

"Bonners Ferry".... if you know what I mean. ;)

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