Wednesday, June 5, 2013

TBM850 Service Pack 2 released!

FSX/P3D. Carenado has just released Service Pack 2 20130605 for the Socata TBM850. Whereas I am extremely pleased to see Carenado progressing on updates with the beautiful aircraft, none of the recent updates address the fact that the aircraft is still unable to achieve high speed... But for now, here is what was addressed...

TBM 850 FSX/P3D- Service Pack 2 20130605

Released June 5th, 2013, 2030 GMT

-CAS messages adjusted.
-Some upper knobs operated backwards.
-TAS indicator adjusted in PFD.
-Several click spots were adjusted in PFD and MFD.
-Duplicate VOR selection fixed. (Previously always took the farthest)
-Auto fuel system adjusted.
-NG indicator showed incurred valued at startup.
-Flight Plan title now updates when deleting a flight plan.
-Pressurization values now are rounded (as the real aircraft).
-Many graphic display adjustment in PFD and MFD.

You don’t need this update if you downloaded the aircraft after June 5th, 2013, 2030 GMT
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Unknown said...

OK, nothing against these guys, but this is frustrating, respectfully, from a consumer point of view....Software being released which is not ready to be released, which needs TWO service packs within a short period. Ugh. I'm not a developer, so I don't know the in's and out's, hard can it really be to get it right the first time? Why do software developers depend on the consumer to be the test subjects? Again, I don't mean anything wrong by this, I'm just asking.

Anonymous said...

besides the extreme bleed off of power above FL260 the most embarrassing aspect of the FDE for Carenado is that this may be the only GA plane in history that actually rolls in the opposite direct of applied rudder, it's as if they don't even test fly their own planes.hahahaha!

Anonymous said...

It seems to be a standard for FS users: the 1st customers who bought the staff are the beta testers. These are no real SW-developers and words like "quality assurance" doesnt even exists in their world. On most cases, its not even a Beta: its a functional prototype (like Majestic does on the Dash 8). I never dont buy a new release anymore, before at least 2nd Update/Servicepack runs out.

Anonymous said...

Now that Wilco is bringing out a TBM 850 next week with fully functional VNAV etc., you'd think that they would at least implement that.

DAndre Newman said...

Well we will see if that wilco is any good....

Anonymous said...

I still like Carenado's products, but it does seem like with each release they slide further down hill with quality. I wish they would concentrate on completing their current lineup with further systems simulation and better FDEs rather than continuing to aim for a new release every couple of months. Especially going into the Beech 1900D and larger.

Anonymous said...

Better two service packs then none. As I recall the PMDG NGX had several service packs, no one complained. Sounds like the TBM could use a few more service packs as well. Would be nice if some of their past planes (SR22 for example) also got service packs.

Anonymous said...

VNAV what that... lol

Unknown said...

Are you saying Majestic did not Beta Test the Q400????????

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