Thursday, June 6, 2013

More Twin Otter Procedural Demo Videos

FSX/P3D. Finn, one of the developers of the Aerosoft Twin Otter X Extended has posted two videos illustrating engine start up and run-up checks. Some modifications and changes have been made since the last video due to customer feedback, great stuff! Check it out, video links and description inside.

Quick Note: The videos flow, meaning video 2 is a continuation of video 1.

Video 1 of 2, illustrating start up and run-up checks - click here

Video 2 of 2, illustrating start up and run-up check - click here

Video description per Finn as posted on the official Aerosoft preview thread:
Here comes the next 2 videos.
I had to break it up in two videos.

To show that we actually care about customer requests, this video will start one checklist item before the last on, actually from the engine start check.

You will see that we have added the option to select between starting the engines with the propellers in full forward (unfeathering during startup) and feathered (unfeathering is done after engine startup).
The needles won´t peak for Torque, Prop RPM and Ng anymore, but be alot closer to how they act in reality, though I won´t claim it to be 100%.

The rest of the video(s) will demonstrate the run-up checks.

Again I like to emphasize that I´m not a proffesional video maker

See the latest page of the official preview thread - click here

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Kevin Firth said...

I think the lack of comments proves Finn has successfully addressed this concern! I like this responsiveness to comments though, The Twotter Extended will definitely be on my purchase list :)

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